Воспитание Риты (Educating Rita by Willy Russell) в Московском академическом театре им. Вл. Маяковского

Воспитание Риты (Educating Rita by Willy Russell) в Московском академическом театре им. Вл. Маяковского

Сб, 28 сентября 2013
Москва, Россия
ул. Б.Никитская, 19/13 [на карте]

Московский академический театр им. Вл. Маяковского приглашает Вас на комедию: Воспитание Риты (Educating Rita by Willy Russell)

28 сентября в 14:00 МАЛАЯ СЦЕНА 

Жанр: Comedy

Автор произведения: Willy Russell

Постановка: Gillian King

Создатели спектакля: сценография / Cat Alchin, художник по свету / Бирюшов Геннадий

В спектакле играют:

Jonathan Bex 

Emma Dallow

Спектакль Moscow English Theatre (MET)

Moscow English Theatre is a newly established theatre company bringing professional English speaking theatre to Moscow. Our remit is to perform contemporary British and American drama presenting shows that have been successful in London’s West End and on New York’s Broadway with actors and actresses currently working professionally in the UK and the US.

Rita, a 26 year old hairdresser, decides to get an education. Despite having no qualifications she is accepted onto an Open University (correspondence) course where she discovers her tutor is 50 year old, disillusioned, whisky drinking Frank. She is hungry to learn but soon finds her newly acquired knowledge alienates her from her family and friends. Her husband kicks her out of their home and she struggles between two lives feeling out of place in both. At the same time Frank is falling in love with her, her enthusiasm for knowledge reigniting his youthful optimism and passion and he even starts writing poetry again. The play sees how their lives change with hilarious and touching consequences.

A modern day “Pygmalion”.

“Educating Rita” was commissioned by the Royal Shakespeare Company and first performed in London in 1980. It has won many awards including the prestigious Laurence Olivier Award for Best New Comedy and the subsequent film, starring Michael Caine, won a BAFTA and was nominated for three Oscars. It is played regularly in the UK, the USA and has been translated into many languages and performed throughout the world.

THIS PRODUCTION PREMIERED ON MARCH 16, 2013 Премьера состоялась 16 марта 2013 года.

THE SHOW RUNS FOR 2 HOURS 10 MINUTES (INCLUDING INTERVAL) Спектакль идет 2 часа 10 минут (с антрактом)

Адрес: г. Москва
ул. Б.Никитская, 19/13

Угол Большой Никитской (бывшая ул.Герцена) и Малого Кисловского переулка
все», то вдруг надевают маски тех, кем являются в иерархии семьи.


КАССА: (495) 690-46-58, 690-62-41, (926) 203-77-72
Время работы: с 11:00 до 20:00

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