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5 Argumentative and Persuasive Essay Topics Ideas in 2019

Persuasive Essay

As a student, you probably know the difference between an argumentative and a persuasive essay. However, if you don’t, let’s define them. An argumentative essay is a kind of paper whose aim is to bring forward a dispute regarding a debatable issue, a problem that is not so easy to solve. The main idea here is to present different perspectives on a problem and let the readers come to a conclusion themselves.

As for a persuasive essay, it is closely related to the argumentative one with only one exception, you have to make a conclusion, final decision, and the readers are to decide whether they can agree with you or not. Typically, you have to do everything to convince them to agree with you.

These types of papers are commonly utilized at educational facilities at colleges and universities since such pieces of writing challenge students’ ability to analyze and think critically. From the features mentioned above, it can be deduced that to complete a compelling argumentative or persuasive essay you will need to cover some complex issue. So, what are the top 5 topics to cover in such kind of work?

5 topics ideas for your paper

Depending on your major, there may be dozens of topics you’d like to dwell on. For instance, if you study law, an excellent issue to cover can be: ‘Pros and Cons of Gun Control,’ or ‘Should the Government Legalize Soft Drugs?’ As you see, these are not yes or no questions, and these topics can become a good core for your argument to revolve around. Some other great issues to discuss include: ‘Death Penalty: Ethical or Not,’ ‘Euthanasia: Should It Be Legal,’ and ‘Fortune Breeds Evil.’ Evidently, there is much to think of, and thus you will probably have enough ideas to include in your argumentative or persuasive essay.

However, if you are one of those students that don’t feel like they are good at writing? What if you spend all day thinking ‘who can do my essay for me?’ Well, it is not a big deal, either. In such a case, you can easily turn to professionals who will develop a compelling argument for you.

Anyway, you probably should try writing on your own to see if you are able to do it. Perhaps, the process only seems challenging to you, but when you actually start, you will see that it is not so frightening. You should remember that no matter what topic you choose, you need to support your opinion with evidence in order to sound convincing. Also, you will have to structure your paper logically to make it easy to read. Always remember the difference between these two kinds of essays, as you should either convince the reader or make them come to a conclusion of their own.

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