Quality and affordable funeral services - the choice of a funeral company

Quality and affordable funeral services

Funeral services are in great demand. There is no way to stop the mortality of humanity, so the ritual companies without customers do not remain, unfortunately. And this is right: any question or problem should be solved with the participation of professionals in this field. Funeral sphere is no exception. Only the quality of the services provided does not always meet the expectations of customers.

The first actions in case of death of a loved one

It is extremely important to follow the procedure - the first steps after the biological death has been officially documented by law enforcement and medical authorities. In the Russian Federation, this order is mandatory. The result of this formal procedure is the receipt of a death certificate, which is also issued for foreign citizens who temporarily or permanently reside in Russia.

To deal with such issues is extremely difficult. Moreover, being in a foreign country, foreign citizens must act in accordance with the procedure established by law. By entrusting this work to professionals, people will save themselves from the large number of problems that accompany any funeral events.

If grief happened and you need professional help, the best option would be to contact En.ritual.ru.

For many years, the company provides funeral services: first, work was carried out in the Moscow region. Now the bureau's activity covers the whole territory of the Russian Federation. Services provided by the company:

  • Transportation.
  • Maintenance of events in the morgue.
  • Obtaining the necessary documents and permits.
  • Cremation - in the presence of the lifetime consent of the deceased.
  • Repatriation to the place of burial.
  • Legal assistance and advice.
  • Organization of memorial events.

The company received municipal status. This means that part of the annual turnover comes from the state budget. Therefore, the municipal funeral home must constantly monitor the quality of its work. People are convinced of this every time they turn to our bureau for help.

En.ritual.ru is the oldest funeral company, which has all the possibilities for the fast and high-quality rendering of ritual services. Simple commercial bureaus cannot work with foreign citizens, since they do not have the appropriate permits. The main goal of our work is real and timely assistance to people. We understand how important it is to meet the deadlines here, so we try to resolve all issues as quickly as possible.

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