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What to do if my Android is locked? or How to unlock Android?

What to do if my Android is locked? or How to unlock Android?

Many users of Android-based phones, particularly those who use such a gadget for the first time, face the same problem, namely, the necessity to unlock Android phone, when the graphic key is forgotten.

The most frequent is the inability to unlock the gadget because the user tries to test all the functions of the newly acquired smartphone and often forgets the entered graphic key.

However, the remedy for this situation already exists. And today we are going to tell you how to unlock your Android phone.

So, you need to unlock your phone and the Pattern Unlock is forgotten. The main thing is not to panic, but to consistently perform all the necessary actions. In this way you save not only the time, but also the nerves.

First of all, if you forget your pattern, you can try the following procedure. To begin with, try to unlock your phone by verifying your Google-account. Thus, first make several attempts to randomly enter the Unlock Pattern. After five incorrect entries the further attempts will be blocked for 30 seconds and you will be offered to enter an e-mail address and a password for the Google-account. Of course, the device must be connected to the Internet. Also, please note that you have to enter the address that you used to log in to the Google Play and it is pointless to fill in any other address or create a new registration, these actions will not help you.

But what shall we do if the password for Google-account is also forgotten? There is quite a simple technique that has proven its effectiveness in some cases. Ask someone to call on your locked device. Incoming calls function is not usually locked, so you will be able to answer the call. Do it and then hide it by pressing the Home (hide the call, but do not complete it). Next, enter the phone settings and disable the graphic key using.

If none of the two proposed methods helped, it remains only to resort to the most radical, which is a full reset to the original factory settings. You should resort to this method only in extreme cases, because it is associated with a complete loss of all data stored in your phone i.e., contacts, files, music, videos, photos, etc. Naturally, graphic key will be unlocked and the access to your gadget will be returned to you, but the information will be lost.

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