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Nice Poems and the Best Congratulations on St. Valentine’s Day in Verse

The best valentines, poems-congratulations on St. Valentine’s Day

The most long-awaited and romantic holiday for all lovers is approaching. Of course, it's the 14th of February - Valentine's Day! On the eve of the holiday, a lot of people begin to search the Internet for original congratulation poems. We have prepared a selection of nice congratulations that for sure will not leave your soul mate indifferent. Love each other and be happy! Pay attention to your loved people not only on February 14, Valentine's Day, but every day. And then you will be fine!

Winter’s last month is breathtaking.
It will bring you warmth and love.
Valentine again is making
Wonders that can make you laugh.

Share your mood with dear, honey,
Show your interest to all.
Friendship’s better than the money.
Listen — it’s St. Valentine’s call!

messages for Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day may your heart shine
From happiness, love and care,
Feeling of love is divine,
It is powerful everywhere.

May happy days never end.
Love may come in the heart without knocking,
So, open it right now, my friend,
And leave it without blocking.


On Valentine`s Day I wish you to love
From your heart and the soul.
For happiness it is enough.
You will not be alone anymore.


And on this great Valentine’s Day
Have a perfect partner next to you.
Let he gives you happy every day
And whispers gently “I love you!”


My sweetie, you look so divine!
Let’s mark this happy Valentine.
God bless you with much luck, my love.
I want to kiss you and to hug.


To each and every friend of mine
I’ll send a lovely valentine.
Mommy, daddy and brother (sister), too.
Will receive a heart that says,
«I love you!»

nice cards-pictures

I’m sending this valentine today
With the message «I love you,»
Hoping that you love me too.


I care for you
I love you too,
you are my world,
you are my life.
So glad that you’re
my lovely wife.


Beautiful is my lady
Beautiful is my baby
Beautiful is my love
Beautiful, you have all my love!

messages-cards for Valentine’s Day

You are sweet, you are kind
I’m so glad to call you mine.
You are handsome, you are tall
You’re the best boyfriend of all.
And today I just want to say,
Happy Valentine’s Day!


You’re in my heart
wherever I go,
you’re in my thoughts
more than you know,
so I’ve sent this card
just to say,
I love you babe
Happy Valentine’s Day.


Sometimes we make love with our eyes.
Sometimes we make love with our hands.
Sometimes we make love with our bodies.
Always we make love with our hearts.


Today I like you
Tomorrow I Will love you
through the frights
Through the cold nights
I love you always and forever
Happy Valentine's Day!


My love for you it grows each day,
It grows for you in a special way,
Your smiles your laughter and everything you do,
Makes me realise just how much I love you.
You are my heart beat, my sole mate, my special girl,
And with you by my side I can conquer the world.

Valentine pictures

This winter day will warm your heart.
We’ll never ever be apart
From each other. You are mine,
You are my happy Valentine!

Each time I find, oh, something new
In our feelings, I love you.
I cherish you — it does not go away.
Take my best wishes on this day!


No other can stir my heart so deep,
Or thrill me through and through,
And in my dreams there will never be
No other love but you.


I want to confess in deep feelings, in love
To you, sweetie. Let me hug now you tough.
And Valentine will fill with warmth your heart —
He will never ever let us live apart.


This February is so white,
So charming, snowy... And I’ll write
To you in this cute Valentine:
“I love you! You’ll be always mine.

The years will pass but we’ll not part.
You’ll always stay deep in my heart”.
Let’s celebrate this lovely day —
Our feelings will not go away!


My life is dull when you’re away,
I never laugh and feel alone,
You are with me and make my day,
I need no friends, I need no phone
When you just touch me and then kiss.
I do love you — I always miss
Your smell, smile, jokes...let me just say:
Be happy on this Valentine’s Day.

short poems-congratulations

Take this small card for you. Tonight
I want to hug you, dear, tight
And kiss you in your both cheeks.
It’s Valentine. My sweetie, cheers!

This teddy bear is for you,
And red roses. Take them, too.
Stay happy. I am sure, this day
Will make all bad things run away.


There’s a special place within my heart
That only you can fill.
For you had my love right from the start
And I know you always will.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Roses are red, violets are blue
I made this card just for you
It’s not the neatest, it wouldn’t pass a test
But it’s made with love -that makes it the best.

I wrote your name in the sky,
but the wind blew it away.
I wrote your name in the sand,
but the waves washed it away.
I wrote your name in my heart,..
and forever it will stay!
Happy Valentine’s Day!

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