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Guitarmy of One - The Wave Files

Guitarmy of One - The Wave Files

NYC-based artist Guitarmy of One has released his adventurous crowdfunded album ‘The Wave Files’, mixing dark ominous guitar riffing with surf guitar swells and foreboding reverb drenched melodies.

This is surf rock with a gothic edge from guitarist Scott Helland, an ex-hardcore punk bass player turned instrumental songwriter, whose first band (Deep Wound) was formed with alt-rock trailblazers J Mascis and Lou Barlow (Dinosaur Jr). He would later join hardcore/ crossover thrash stalwarts Outpatients, School of Violence and Darkside NYC before ultimately forming post-punk duo Frenchy and the Punk in 2005.

This solo project combines the thrilling sounds of spy-themed instrumental surf guitar music with punk vitality. Taking listeners on a sonic adventure to the realms of intrigue, danger and surf-soaked excitement, Helland channels that raw and unconventional spirit into a quirky fusion of genres.

Guitarmy of One recently released  'Soylent Seafoam Green', inspired by the 1970s cult sci-fi movie 'Soylent Green', having earlier released 'Kolchak meets the Sea Mobster', with a Spanish guitar-influenced twist and lead track ‘Top Secret Agent Man on a Wire Tapped Phone at Sea’, along with its fun spytastic video.

This record picks up where his latest album 'The Spy Detective Collective’ left off. Helland explains, "I wanted this album to be music you want to travel with - in your mind or physically. It’s action music, and I think it should ignite your imagination and take you on a journey. Wordless music relies on the visuals it creates so if it can take you on a sonic adventure across continents, or at least counties, my work is done. The idea for this album is rooted in spy and detective shows from the 60s, 70s and 80s. I want the music to be a sonic equivalent of those shows and movies where you’re riding the waves of intrigue and espionage so the music has to match that sense of urgency and excitement."

As a full-fledged espionage-inspired surf rock act, Guitarmy of One takes us on a thrilling musical journey, blending the realms of instrumental guitar, surf music and the mystique of spy themes within the one person band format. Helland weaves his mysterious and generous acoustic-electric melodies over propulsive spy riffs and electro beats, layering and building patiently toward engrossing payoffs.

Influenced by Spanish guitar, punk and metal, Guitarmy of One conjures up images of secret agents, high-speed chases, and hidden agendas through his intricate layered compositions. His mix of surf guitar techniques (i.e. reverb-drenched chords, lightning-fast tremolo picking, and tremolo bar vibrato albeit with a Bigsby bridge pedal) creates a sonic landscape that is both nostalgic and forward-thinking.

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