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IgikoPop & DJ RiggL3 & Ignabui - VRGirl

IgikoPop & DJ RiggL3 & Ignabui - VRGirl

IgikoPop, a trailblazing artist who defies musical boundaries with her electrifying fusion of pop-punk, EDM, and opera. Drawing inspiration from the late 90s and early 2000s anime, video games, and J-Fashion culture, IgikoPop has captured the hearts of fans nationwide and across the globe. Her latest triumph, the collaboration on DJ RiggL3 & Ignabui's upcoming EDM single "VRGirl," is out now and poised to be a game-changer in the music landscape. This vibrant track, inspired by the modern era's infatuation with Vtubers and the timeless allure of otaku culture, features IgikoPop's distinctive vocals that pay homage to EDM luminaries such as DJ S3RL and the iconic Dance Dance Revolution era.

As Vtubers rise to fame, captivating audiences with their interactive virtual personas, "VRGirl" captures the essence of this new otaku phenomenon with an innovative sonic twist. IgikoPop, the lyrical powerhouse behind "VRGirl," delves deep into her encounters with otaku enthusiasts, weaving their tales of yearning for a 3D virtual companion into the heart of the song. Departing from her usual nuanced approach to otaku culture, IgikoPop embraces her nerdy side with vibrant and relatable lyrics that bridge the gap between the virtual and the real.

IgikoPop's repertoire boasts a diverse range of accomplishments, including providing vocals and compositions for the Internet phenomenon PC game 'Yandere Simulator' and a collaboration with Happy Hardcore DJ S3RL on the track “I Feel Alive.” In a stunning crescendo of her artistic journey, 2023 saw the release of her debut album titled IgikoPop 1st Mix, a collection that showcases her boundless creativity and genre-defying approach. IgikoPop's influence extends beyond music, as she stands as a powerful force in the realm of Harajuku fashion. An avid enthusiast and influencer, IgikoPop's unique style has been featured alongside her twin sister and fellow influencer, Kawaiiconic, on Barcroft's 'Hooked on the Look.' She has also collaborated with renowned brands such as Hot Topic, Splat Hair Dye, ACDC RAG, and 6% DOKI DOKI, leaving an indelible mark on the fashion landscape.

Reflecting on her influences, IgikoPop pays homage to a tapestry of musical luminaries, from Hikaru Utada and Bemani idol group BeforU to Lady Gaga and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Her dedication to opera shines brightly, inspired by her family's lineage of musical excellence. IgikoPop's distinct sound and unwavering authenticity set her apart as a "gateway artist," bridging the gap between mainstream appeal and the fervent embrace of her gaming and anime communities. Her music is a testament to her truest self, a fearless explorer of sonic realms, and a passionate curator of cultural nuances.

Rooted in a rich heritage, IgikoPop's journey began in Kenai, Alaska, where she harnessed her musical talents as a member of the Jabila'ina Dance Group of the Kenaitze Indian Tribe. Together with her twin sister Kawaiiconic, she charmed audiences and embarked on a path that would eventually lead them to prominence both online and abroad. From the neon lights of Tokyo to the stages of international festivals, IgikoPop's journey has been nothing short of remarkable. Her musical odyssey as a solo artist enchanted audiences in Tokyo during 2018 and 2019 before forming her band in the creative hub of Portland, Oregon in mid-2020. With a deep-rooted love for anime, video games, and J-Fashion, IgikoPop's music is a mesmerizing blend that resonates
with both nostalgic and modern sensibilities.

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