19-09-2023 Music 535

Kris Kuldkepp - Moonutatud Muundused / Distorted Conversions

Kris Kuldkepp - Moonutatud Muundused / Distorted Conversions

Moonutatud Muundused / Distorted Conversions can be seen as an auditive synthesis of Kris Kuldkepp’s various musical activities over the last few years. Comprising a 40-minute exploration of musical entanglements, the album explores the double bass as a solo instrument with a rich timbre quality guiding the musical journey, being simultaneously not always visible or discernible. The double bass is like a trickster, taking many different forms over the course of the album; its pure deep sound quietly resonating against a backdrop of electronic sounds. It shifts the tropes of solo double bass albums with the bass sounds running the gamut from classical to noise music.


Kris Kuldkepp is an experimental musician and performance artist based in Hamburg, Germany. After years of musical life dedicated to classical and early music performances on the double bass and viola da gamba, she currently works with DIY audio techniques combined with cutting edge technologies to create a unique fusion of traditional music and sonic disturbance. She explores the rich traditions of the double bass to discover sonic experiences featuring rich harmonic textures, noise music as well as elements from pop and doom ambient. Kris has presented her music at the festivals such as Papiripar, JAUNA MUZIKA, StimmeX, Blurred Edges Festival, Piksel, and Estonian Music Days.

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