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Brian McKenzie - Technicolor Memories

Brian McKenzie - Technicolor Memories

Rhode Island - Brian McKenzie releases his new single/video "Technicolor Moments": We are excited to announce the single/video release of "Technicolor Moments," a powerful song that encourages listeners to take a closer look at their lives. The track highlights the importance of recognizing one's patterns and making changes for the better. The title itself refers to the idea that memories can often be viewed through a rose-tinted lens, creating a "Technicolor" version of the past.

Brian McKenzie's knowledge and mastering of song-writing and musical elements have created a modern rock sound, along with a hit of new wave. This attention to detail carries a resonating emotion that keeps the song playing over, and over again in your mind. "Technicolor Moments" is a relatable tune, one we can all identify with on multiple levels.

'"Technicolor Moments" was written as sort of a wake-up call. Sometimes you have to look at your life, the decisions you make, the patterns you repeat, and just say you’ve had enough. When you compare everything to the past, the memories seem brighter than they really were, a sort of Technicolor version. The song is written as if the story were a film in progress. We are the writers of our own screenplay and the composers. We choose all of our plots and actions and supply our own soundtrack. There’s an old Twilight Zone episode called “The 16mm Shrine,” where Ida Lupino plays an aging film star who repeatedly watches her past life in pictures. She’s completely unhappy in the present, longing to go back and never return. I kept picturing that episode when I was writing the song and presented the idea to my pal Jason Mayoh, who is an extremely talented artist. He ended up basically locking himself in his studio and illustrating the entire thing. He did an unbelievable job of weaving his art and original ideas with the content of the lyrics, inspired by bits and pieces from that episode. I think it pairs as the perfect compliment to the tune."' - Brian McKenzie

Brian McKenzie is a versatile singer-songwriter, guitarist, producer, and musician whose music has been described as heartfelt truths, intertwined with emotional musicality and memorable melodies. Hailing from Rhode Island, McKenzie started his music career in the early 90s as the founding member, music writer, and guitarist of the heavy-rock band: Warner/Giant Records recording artist Kilgore. He has since written and co-produced 3 albums and 3 singles as a solo artist, showcasing not only his soulful, melodic, singer-songwriter material but also firing off catchy modern-rock tunes with an abundance of hooks and well-crafted guitar melodies. The Recording Academy placed McKenzie on the Official Ballot for the 55th Annual Grammy Awards in four categories for the album “Resolution” (2011). The first track on that album, 40 East, landed a spot in the Jonathan Silverman-directed film "A Bet's a Bet". Brian continues to record and perform nationally and is endorsed by Blueridge Guitars, Shubb Capos, LR Baggs Electronics, and Cordial Cables.

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