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Nihiloxica - Source of Denial

Nihiloxica - Source of Denial

Get ready to dive into the sonic revolution brought to you by Nihiloxica, the electrifying Bugandan techno ensemble that's been setting the music world on fire! We're thrilled to announce the release of their highly anticipated second album, "Source of Denial," available on Crammed Discs starting September 29th.

Album Highlights

• "Source of Denial" continues Nihiloxica's evolution into the realms of studio production, pushing boundaries with a fusion of traditional Bugandan percussion and futuristic club sounds.

• This album introduces extreme metal elements into their signature sound, creating a thrilling and chaotic musical experience.

• Nihiloxica's distorted energy is channeled into a powerful critique of immigration policies, with the UK as a focal point.

After three years since their acclaimed debut "Kaloli," Nihiloxica returns with an explosive statement. This album confronts the complexities of immigration and freedom of movement policies, shedding light on the challenges faced not only in the UK but around the world.

A Kafkaesque Narrative

The album features computer-generated voices discussing application processes, character backgrounds, and accountability—a surreal reflection of the bureaucratic nightmare faced by many. Nihiloxica's frustration with this system has led to the creation of an album that captures the essence of the struggle for freedom of movement.

Upcoming Tour

Nihiloxica is taking "Source of Denial" on the road, touring extensively across Europe and the UK in July, October, November 2023, and spring 2024. Catch their electrifying performances at renowned venues and festivals near you!

Nihiloxica's groundbreaking music has earned them acclaim from media outlets worldwide. Their unique blend of African rhythms and electronic elements has captivated audiences and critics alike.

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