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Coyote Eyes - Lightning Strikes

Coyote Eyes - Lightning Strikes

Coyote Eyes, the musical project led by singer-songwriter, Jo Eubanks, has released her latest single, "Lightning Strikes". This new single, penned by Coyote Eyes herself, marks an artistic collaborationwith the accomplished musician and producer, Jared Chance Taylor, for the second time. Thematically, "Lightning Strikes" explores the intriguing concept that life's path may be guided by the belief that "if it's meant to be, it will be," ultimately leaving the course of destiny to fate. The song delves into questions of faith, destiny, and the interplay between preordained destinies and the choices individuals make to shape their own futures.

Coyote Eyes reflects on the dichotomy of life experiences, where some individuals seem to effortlessly navigate life's challenges, enjoying harmonious relationships, successful careers, financial stability, and fulfilling family lives. These individuals, often likened to artists who are "discovered" just by walking down the street or who embark on lifelong love affairs from their first encounter, seem to effortlessly align with the universe. "Lightning Strikes" ponders whether it's easier to have faith or trust in a larger cosmic plan when everything consistently falls into place. Conversely, the song acknowledges those who face greater trials and tribulations, struggling for years to find love or stability, while seemingly encountering closed doors in their pursuit of dreams.
"Does that mean that 'the universe' doesn't want them to have all those things? Or that their fate isn't happiness, love, and abundance?" Coyote Eyes wonders.

"Lightning Strikes" originated as a humble composition, featuring Coyote Eyes’ soulful vocals intertwined with the sounds of a piano, exuding a raw and heartfelt acoustic vibe. However, the song evolved into a breathtaking auditory journey, characterized by lush instrumentals, including the incorporation of live strings. Coyote Eyes expressed her personal admiration for the song's beautiful orchestration, which envelops listeners in an emotional and immersive experience. She particularly highlighted Jared Chance Taylor's ingenious use of synthy bass, reminiscent of an '80s romantic drama, as a captivating element in the song's second verse.

Coyote Eyes is the dark pop alter ego of New York bred Jo Eubanks, a
multidisciplinary artist based in Los Angeles. With a hauntingly captivating musical style characterized by lush soundscapes, ethereal vocals, and eerie piano melodies, Coyote Eyes weaves a spellbinding tapestry that is equally tragic and seductive. Coyote Eyes began training to be a classical singer in early childhood, and by 16 she was already capturing label attention for her distinctive, emotionally charged voice which held “the pain of a 30 year old woman inside a child’s body.” However, she felt compelled to break free from the constraints of societal expectations, pushing the boundaries of her creative authenticity in a world that demanded conformity. In 2018,
she emerged as Coyote Eyes, a powerful and enigmatic persona unafraid to delve into the depths of the human experience. In traditional lore, the coyote is the one creature which cannot be categorized; it is an enigma, a dichotomy, a living riddle. As such,
Coyote Eyes emerged from her fascination with duality in all its forms, which she explores both sonically and thematically. She performs regularly in both New York City and LA at Rockwood Music Hall, Mercury Lounge, The McKittrick Hotel, Viper Room, and with Breaking Sound and Hunnypot Live.

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