26-02-2024 Music 381

Horizon Theory - Nowhere to Go

Horizon Theory - Nowhere to Go

Horizon Theory, the Michigan-based hard rock band, has released their latest single "NOWHERE TO GO" and it's a must-listen for anyone who enjoys meaningful lyrics and a heavy-hard rock music jam. The song, according to lead vocalist Josh Harrington, is about battling various struggles and the impact it has on the relationships with the ones you love.

The band's talent is evident as Horizon Theory continues to dole out notable variations and levels of hard rock with each single they release. "Nowhere To Go" leads with fresh expressive vocals, deep connecting bass, and dispatches solid riding drum beats throughout. A combination that tells a story and rocks solidly.

With Chris Black on guitars, Luen Murr on bass, Josh Harrington on vocals, and Jeff Hafer on drums you don't want to miss out on this significant and blazing single.

“To me this song is about battling alcoholism and/or suicide. Ruining relationships with the choices you've made and how it all affects the ones you love. Realizing that, but not knowing how to change so you fall in even further” - Josh Harrington, Vocals


Horizon Theory is a group of musicians that have joined together to create a soundscape for the future they envision. All of the which have cut their teeth in current or former bands and learned through the years what it takes to create a sound that will evoke emotion in listeners. Horizon Theory has the ability to take you on an emotional roller coaster while maintaining a hard rock sound with metal elements. Meaningful riffs, groove-oriented bass, tasteful and tribal drum beats and soaring vocals lead the path to a fresh yet familiar sound that will be a staple of this band for years to come. 

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