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The Janitors - Lies

The Janitors - Lies

Swedish drone-rockers The Janitors have released 'Lies' the second single from their new album 'An Error Has Occurred' is being released on Rocket on 24th May.

This is what the band say about the track: "It’s a bit of a double edged sword this song. It’s about lies by a specific person or the lying fat scumbags in power, your choice. Most songs on the album have that duality. It’s a pretty classic Janitors song. The one riff that just keeps going, and the old quiet/loud dynamic that we love from the Pixies."

'Lies' follows the huge success of first single 'Anger The World' - and it's video has attracted over 60K views in four weeks.

Now you can watch this strobetastic video for 'Lies', made by the uber talented Per Norman here:

For 'An Error Has Occurred' The Janitors rehearsed intensely together before laying down everything live, over two days and nights, in a converted missionary church.  

The resulting songs have the menace of Melvins, the swagger of The Stooges and the cosmic heft of The Heads. Though you will also find dronier numbers, drawn out with soundscapes and textures influenced by The Velvet Underground’s sonic experiments and the equally immersive atmospheres of electronic acts like Massive Attack. 

See The Janitors live:
24 May / Stockholm / Geronimos FGT
29 May / Bristol / The Crofters Rights
30 May / Northampton / The Black Prince
01 Jun / London / Peckham Audio

'An Error Has Occurred' can be preordered now via the Bandcamp on a lush Orange/Green Splatter vinyl, and housed in an third-eye opening gatefold sleeve.

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