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Lovelorn Dolls - Deadtime Stories. Diary of Nothing

Lovelorn Dolls - Deadtime Stories. Diary of Nothing

Belgian alt-rock duo Lovelorn Dolls present 'Deadtime Stories' - their fourth album to date - and the video for 'Diary Of Nothing', the final song of this sonic storybook. A newspaper with blank pages recalls the empty and empathetic heart of the protagonist, who reminds us of Wednesday Addams. The video refers to the tumultuous sibling relationship between Wednesday and her brother Pugsley, whom she loves to mistreat. Kristell, who plays the main role, also takes great pleasure in mistreating her sidekick, the outcome of working with the same person for 15 years.

Hailing from Brussels, Lovelorn Dolls is Kristell Lowagie (lyrics, vocals) and Bernard Daubresse (programming, guitars, synth). They are back in a big way after a 5-year hiatus that saw Kristell transform into the photographer/ visual artist Kristell In Wonderland, exhibiting throughout Europe. With a gothic rock underbelly, their sound resembles a mix of Theatre of Tragedy, Lacuna Coil and The Birthday Massacre.

"We had a lot of fun creating this video for one of our favorite songs on the album. This song alone sums up the "Lovelorn Dolls” spirit for me," says Kristell Lowagie.

'Deadtime Stories'  be released on May 24 via Alfa Matrix / SPLEEN+, joining other great artists on this label, including Front 242, Ayria, Recoil, Leather Strip and Alien Vampires. Earlier, the female-fronted duo previewed singles 'A Heart Cries', 'Dream World' and 'Beautiful Chaos' and also released the 'Deadtime Stories: the Book' featuring the lyrics, accompanying illustrations and photos by Kristell In Wonderland.

On 'Deadtime Stories', the duo embraces a stronger identity – creepy cute ambiance, eerie Tim Burton-esque scenes, guitar-driven sounds, catchy dark melodies, childlike synths, industrial tones, and Kristell’s distinctive voice, all boldly and fully embraced.

The title itself is a cynical play on words, referencing children’s rhymes with a dark twist. Each song delves into themes of death, endings, suicide, broken dreams, loss, and the perilous allure of fame. The artwork also encapsulates this, depicting a lonely girl reading in a cemetery fog.

Produced, mixed and mastered by Maxx Maryan, known for his work with cult electro-goth metal duo Helalyn Flowers and IMJUDAS, the album features several guest appearances, including by Dero Goi (ex-vocalst of OOMPH!) in the duet 'Dancing at Your Funeral', which Goi co-wrote and co-produced. American Gothic rapper VVitchboy also appears on the energetic and enchanting track 'Death & Glory'.

Earlier, Lovelorn Dolls released the 'Beautiful Chaos' EP, an ode to love stories gone wrong with five bonus remixes roam from minimal EBM to industrial goth and ethereal wave via contributors The Breath of Life, Absynthe of Faith, Audiopyre, Restriction 9 and Antidote for Annie.

Out May 24, the 'Deadtime Stories' album will be available from fine digital platforms, including Apple Music, Spotify and Bandcamp. It can also be ordered via the label or directly from the artist via Bandcamp.

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