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Pas Musique - Too Civilized

Pas Musique - Too Civilized

Brooklyn-based experimental electronic artist Pas Musique presents the single 'Too Civilized', previewing his new full-length album 'Come Follow Me', out on July 16 via NYC-based label Alrealon Musique. This song blasts the myth of progress, implying that the shiny veneer of progress is actually masking a society and systems that have been degraded - a regression of our own making.

Influenced by such artists as Faust, Coil, Zoviet France and NEU, Pas Musique was launched in 1995 Brooklyn as a solo abstract-sound project of founder Robert L. Pepper, having since evolved through different lineups and variations of experimental electronic iterations.

The 'Come Follow Me' album pays tribute to the late Frank Tovey a.k.a. Fad Gadget, one of Pepper's top musical influences. These 80's synthpop-inspired compositions with a touch of modern noise and lyrics that are inspired by metaphysical and philosophical themes, interlaced with abstract vocalizations. These seven new experimental electronic krautrock-influenced tracks were previewed by the title track.

"“Too Civilized” is a concept in regard to how the human civilization tricks itself into thinking that we are perfect and we have all of the solutions. We choose not to see the consequences of our actions when it comes to technology, thinking and so called “progress”.  Before technologies and ideologies are put in place, we need to sort out the downsides of these concepts and make them the best that we can. Often it seems like we push out these concepts for money and power without sorting out the bad parts," says Robert L. Pepper.

The new album follows up 2023's 'Shaman' album and 2021's 'Amateur Radio', when Pas Musique was a four-piece consisting of Jon V Worthley, Michael Durek, Jesse Fairbairn and Robert L. Pepper. While still involved with live performances (and other recordings currently in the works, it is solely Pepper involved in the new album.

"This is the first album where I added vocals and not solely vocalizations. It's a balance of the commercial and the strange. It is a tribute to the pop-industrial project Fad Gadget so I tried to keep my experimental edge and add in some pop elements. I never thought I would be trying something like this. But if you know Pas Musique's history, we change periodically with different styles. I like to keep the sound fresh and challenge the project sonically," says Robert L. Pepper.

"It started with a concept of "Could I make an album with vocals, while dipping into a pop edge?" So I wrote sequences that use some 80's sounding synth sounds in the style of Fad Gadget. Then the vocals just came to me. 'Come Follow Me' was the first track that materialized and then the workflow began. Tracks just evolve naturally."

Since emerging on the music scene 29 years ago, Pas Musique has pursued musical elements of electronic and experimental music with krautrock undertones. Pas Musique has collaborated with many great musicians, including Faust, Rapoon, ZEV, Philippe Petit, HATI, Chester Hawkins, Jim Tuite, and many more. Pas Musique has performed in 18 countries and throughout the United States. Pas Music is also currently working with Robin Storey of Rapoon on other completely avant, experimental, improvisational compositions.

As of June 10, the 'Too Civilized' single will be released everywhere digitally, including Spotify, Apple Music and Bandcamp. The full album by the same name is out on July 12 via Alrealon Musique. Available on CD and digitally, it is already available for pre-order via Bandcamp.

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