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MEER - Wheels Within Wheels

MEER - Wheels Within Wheels

Fronted by the captivating brother and sister duo Knut and Johanne Nesdal, MEER returns with their highly anticipated third album, "Wheels Within Wheels." This new release is a masterclass in blending symphonic prog and intelligent pop, showcasing the band's exceptional musicianship, intricate vocal harmonies, and grandiose melodies.

Following the critical success of their sophomore album, "Playing House," released three years ago, MEER's latest effort expands their artistic horizons. While "Playing House" explored the intricacies of personal relationships, "Wheels Within Wheels" offers a broader perspective, delving into the complex interplay between individuals and the wider world. The band captures the electrifying energy of their live performances, creating songs that are both expansive and deeply personal, all while maintaining their distinctive sound.

"Wheels Within Wheels" represents a significant evolution for MEER. The album features tracks that reach soaring heights and moments of intimate reflection, resulting in their most dynamic and immersive work to date. With a runtime of just over an hour, it stands as their most ambitious project yet. Reuniting with producer Lars Gärtner Fremmerlid, MEER recorded the album at Ocean Sound Recordings in 2023, bringing their vision to vivid life.

The album's title "Wheels Within Wheels" symbolises the hidden complexities beneath the surface, inviting listeners on a journey of discovery. This release promises to be an essential listen for fans of both symphonic prog and sophisticated pop music, solidifying MEER's place as a band of remarkable talent and creativity.

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