To the notary for good advice

notary for good advice

The settlement of an estate is not a daily activity for most people. As simple as it may seem to divide the personal and household effects of the deceased, there are more things to consider. Such things can have a significant impact if you overlook them.

Why using a notary?

It is therefore highly recommended to visit the notary for advice when you inherit or expect to inherit something. "Even if one of your parents dies and the other parent is still alive," advises civil-law notary ArkelStad Notarissen. "That applies to every party involved. There are all kinds of possibilities in the field of tax benefits. It would be a shame if you do not record this properly. In addition, other matters may also play a role in accepting an estate. For example, if there are debts. In such case, you will be responsible for these debts as soon as you accept the estate. Most people do not want that. "

Use an estate planning specialist

"A visit to a notary is really very useful. After all, the civil-law notary is the specialist in the field of estate", the notary continues. "With us, such advice is entirely without obligation and free of charge. This also applies to the introductory consultation about having a will drawn up. On the basis of the initial conversation, we will provide a cost estimate. It depends, of course, on multiple factors. "

When do you draw up a testament?

But what is a good reason to have a testament drawn up? The notary explains: "A will is advisable on the one hand when there are assets, such as possessions, a house, savings or special items, and on the other hand when the relationships between the heirs are not optimal. By appointing an executor or settlement administrator you prevent unpleasant situations and you can be sure that the estate will be settled properly. In a will you not only record your wishes, but you also receive tips and advice from us about things that you should also take into account. "

Easy to approach and good guidance

A civil-law notary shall be easy accessible and guide the full process. No woolly language, but simply understandable use of language. A notary shall advise you in a way that you fully understand. We are "common people notaries".

Tip for keeping your testament up-to-date

Come by to a notarial office once every five years to examine your will (without obligation and free of charge). After all, people's lives, situations and legislation can change.

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