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Happy Birthday. Nice Poems in English

Happy Birthday. Nice Poems in English

Birthday is a very exciting day for both the birthday person and the congratulators. You always want to congratulate your beloved person, member of the family, friend or colleague in an original and nice way on birthday. What to say, what wishes to write so that everyone would be pleasant and happy? Our selection of nice and touching happy birthday poems can help you in it. Give happiness together with us!

On your Birthday
Many Words To Say
Many feelings to show
Many pictures to draw
I need to be there by your side
So I can hear your heartbeats when your wishing
To feel your breath when your blowing
To let you taste how sweet the cake is giving
To take you aside and give you a kiss under the light
So I can see you smile after that
And say that you have never had sweeter than that
To take my hand and move around
Talk to people and laugh around
To dance alone when people are gone
To sleep in your arms and feel safe
So I’ll be there every year
To let you have The Best Birthday You have ever seen.

birthday congratulations

Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday!
Be you healthy, child, firstly!
Secondly, be happy ever,
Thirdly, be you person clever!

Fourthly, be you always loved
By your parents, God above!
Fifthly, let you have much force!
So on and so forth.


Wish U happiness forever,
Much U love and much U joy.
Be with luck and very clever
And wish U peacefulness for soul.


So lovely, happy day today,
Your Birthday like a wonder.
Let’s make the greatest holiday
Without storm and thunder.

We wish you joy and fine life,
With true and clean desire.
Let never in your fate be strife,
Let love warm you like fire.


May all your dreams come true,
Hope you get some really great presents too!
Happy Birthday to you!


Lots of love and kisses,
Lots of presents too,
For somebody who is ten today,
And, darling, that is you!

happy birthday in English

Have a fantastic Birthday!
With greetings and balloons.
Wish you the special moments,
Let love come to you soon.

May wishes will be granted,
Let your life will be great,
Be lucky, smart, attractive
And happy every day!


This birthday must bring so much fun!
So, friend, tell all to run
The holiday! We want to cheer
You on this coolest day, our dear.


On this Big Day I wish you
Good luck, success, hope and health.
Let it be a good friend with you,
And wish you endless happiness.

Also, I wish U love,
Let it shines brightly always for you,
Live in comfort, enjoy your life.
Congrats! Happy Birthday to you!


Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, dear child!
You are the best: smart and kind!
We wish you the Birthday with tons
Happy moments, presents, smiles and funs!

Be happy, healthy, have you all.
That you want, have now a ball,
Let your dreams come true,
Happy Birthday, dear kid, to you!

short happy birthday poems

May every path be smooth for you,
May every corner bring you happy surprises,
May every day put a smile on your face,
May every friend bring you price and joy,

May you get whatever you always wished for,
And may you never forget ME!
I wish you a very Happy Birthday.


Wishing you happiness
To welcome each morning,
Wishing you laughter
To make your heart sing.
Wishing you friendship
Sharing and caring,
And all of the joy
The birthday can bring!


Let’s celebrate your birthday, honey,
And let this day be bright and sunny,
I want to wish you greatest thing,
Get, what you want – just anything!
Amazing life will be your way,
Forever, not only today.
And let all your troubles disappear,
And all your friends be always near!

poetry for a man

Happy Birthday my love!
Happy Birthday to you!
I can’t stop saying
How much I love you!


I wish you each time only sweetie words.
Don’t let anyone brake you with swords!
When you walk there is a traffic jam,
You’re one of the dreams for each man.

Go on to believe in a happy life!
All your friends are with you together.
For your husband you’re Venus, a perfect wife.
Nobody’ll your wonderful life’s weather!


I wish you love and fun,
Some truly genuine warmth.
Whatever you’ve begun,
I’m sure you’ll bring it forth.

May all your dreams come true,
The best is still ahead.
Let joy, like morning dew,
Throughout your being spread.


Your birthday...And another year
Has passed, I want to say now: “Cheer!”
I wish you health, fun, luck, and joy.
I know — you always can enjoy
This life, with all its ups and downs,
The way you go through many towns,
And cities, countries where you live
Is as bright as your fun you give.
Let us drink wine to you, buddy,
We love you, friend. And everybody
Wants to hug you, dear, now.
Let us make this party “wow!”

congratulations on birthday

Wish you to be healthy.
Let your life be wonderland,
Happy be and wealthy.

Let you live with perfect mood
Among friends and people,
Who support you, being good,
Giving smiles simple.


You’re turning three,
And it’s easy to see,
Just how big,
You’re getting to be.
Let’s celebrate with cake
and a little ice cream,
And hope your big day’s filled with
All you dream!


The sun shines extremely brighter today,
Because this pretty woman has a birthday!
May glowing candles on your cake
Bring you smile and save from a mistake.

Act like a Lady, think like a Queen
As you’re smart, beautiful, slim.
May the warm weather be in your family nest.
For your sunny birthday we wish you all the best!

nice wishes for birthday

Happy birthday! Let you hear
These two words one hundred times.
Wish you have much luck this year
Count dollars, not the dimes.

Smile and never feel despair,
Dance, live, sing and share your fun
With the guys, you love and care
Of. Feel joy — it is life’s run.


At that sunny and lovely day
I wish you happiness. I can say
You always give a hand of help
And look awesome like Johnny Depp.

I wish you much pleasure and joy.
Love your better-half and enjoy.
At your work be on the peak
As you’re so clever and you’re unique!


Dear friends, I want to say
Today is very lovely day.
Let’s send everyone invitations!
Give instead congratulations!

Our colleague has a Birthday party,
Clap your hands and move your body!
I wish you to win a jackpot
And make your love extremely hot.

Have a target in your life,
Buy new cars to your wife,
Getting stronger every year
Feel yourself like a millionaire!


Happy Birthday, lucky life!
Wish you always be in love.
And wish you less sad moments, stress,
But more rejoice and happiness.

May come true all your dreams, desires.
Let only true friends be beside you,
Also, wish you warmth and good health,
Wealth, right decisions, a big success!


Let the world without any complexities
will be fascinated Love!
Let all your opportunities
are easily realized!
Let there will be a condition
of Peace of mind!
Let each desire
Will give pleasure!

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