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A Cloud of Ravens - Lost Hymns

A Cloud of Ravens - Lost Hymns

NYC-based postpunk duo A Cloud of Ravens have kicked off a string of US tour dates with UK goth-rock legends The Sisters of Mercy in support of their recently-released 'Lost Hymns' album and on the trail of European tour dates with Swedish label-mates Then Comes Silence.

Mastered by ACTORS' Jason Corbett at Jacknife Sound studio, this collection of 11 tracks was released via Nexilis Records / Schubert Music Europe.

Effectively merging classic and contemporary post-punk and darkwave sensibilities, their somewhat poetic use of prose and metaphor expressed the trials and joys of the world in which we now find ourselves. A Cloud of Ravens' previous remix-based EP featured contributions by legendary producer John Fryer and such prominent artists as Clan of Xymox, ACTORS, Chris Vrenna and Ritual Howls.

Earlier, the band presented their latest single 'Parable' with a video that is as foreboding as the lyrics, following dark delights 'Requiem For The Sun', 'Nature of Artifice' and 'The Blackest Mantra'.

Formed in 2018 by Matthew McIntosh (guitar and vocals) and Beth Narducci (bass guitar), the Brooklyn-based duo emerged on the burgeoning dark music scene with a series of self-released offerings that garnered attention that led to their 2021 album 'Another Kind of Midnight', a mournful yet triumphant collection exploring the heart of a world amidst a devastating pandemic and torn by moral tribalism.

Growing up in a family of avid music lovers and her mother being a professional opera single, McIntosh arrived at this genre of music after ample explorations in the punk, death rock and hardcore scenes, finally forging the duo's trademark sound with Narducci, whose background is more connected with alternative rock and industrial music, as well as professionally supporting fellow musicians in the A&R field.

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