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Joe Mansman and The Midnight Revival Band - Empire State

Joe Mansman and The Midnight Revival Band - Empire State

August 18, 2023 - Glens Falls NY based Bluesy Rock band JOE MANSMAN AND THE MIDNIGHT REVIVAL BAND has released the official music video for their single, "Empire State." With the single produced by the band and engineered and mixed and mastered by BRANDON KAPOOR at Skyfall Studio in Greenwich NY, the REILLY BALCOM (Another Visual Banger) "Empire State" showcases the band's incredible, high energy performance that has seen them share the stage with such rock and metal legends as TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION, SMASHMOUTH, WARRANT, Texas Hippie Coalition, SmashMouth, Warrant, Dokken, Jackyl, Scott Stapp, Thrice, Quiet Riot, SCOTT STAPP, THRICE, and QUIET RIOT. Fast paced, energetic, and fully party-hearty, "Empire State" is a full on rock banger with soaring vocals, thunderous guitar riffs, and pulse pounding bass, demanding fans to get up and move!

“’Get me on the waves, sail me right back home.’ That chorus just poured out of me, out of all of us. I think it was one of the more rare moments we connected on a level where we were all living the same story from five different viewpoints and longing to cascade the want of returning to something familiar and normal. But not in the sense of time and place. Rather, It's a song about feeling exonerated.” - JOE MANSMAN

“'Empire State' is an outstanding track that taps into the best parts of the classic rock era and brings it into today with horsepower to spare. Listen just once and you’ll understand what got Mansman on major bills with acts like Texas Hippie Coalition, SmashMouth, Warrant, Dokken, Jackyl, Scott Stapp, Thrice, and Quiet Riot. The band recorded the basic tracks for the song live in the studio, which breaks from their usual method, and it allowed them to achieve their high-octane live sound in the studio. Lyrically, the song is an open-ended homecoming story that a lot of people will feel in their soul." - MARTINE EHRENCLOU, Rock & Blues Muse

JOE MANSMAN AND THE MIDNIGHT REVIVAL BAND are a blistering display of dangerously skilled rock and rollers. Where few bands still don the mantle, these renegades carry the torch, combining attitude, swagger, colossal guitar solos, and boisterous lyrics into a crucible of sleaze rock, glam rock, southern rock, and heavy metal.

Helmed by the group's eponymous front-man, the self proclaimed 'wayward son' has been torching audiences since 2014 with a haughty and distinguished charisma that demands the attention of the room, leading them to share sold out stages across the US alongside JACKYL, WARRANT, DOKKEN, QUIET RIOT, TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION, SCOTT STAPP, and many more renowned acts in hard rock.

Their most recent EP, Live For Thrills, showcases the group at it’s finest, employing a rich and dynamic change in pace that ethereally serves dramatic and memorable vocal hooks over a soaring landscape of guitars and keys. The EP also gave birth to the band's first rock radio single, "TAKE IT EASY," and garnered them a position on Spotify's Top Hundred list of most streamed songs for new classic rock in North America in June 2022.

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