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Jimmy Nelson - Between the Sea and the Sky

Jimmy Nelson - Between the Sea and the Sky

Between the Sea and the Sky is Jimmy Nelson’s latest coffee table book and will take you on a captivating journey through the rich heritage and fading traditions of the Netherlands. Dive into the heart of Dutch culture as Jimmy Nelson showcases twenty communities adorned in traditional dress, offering a glimpse into their distinct ways of life. Discover the coastal villages, ancient towns and awe-inspiring landscapes which have shaped these unique communities.

The texts within the book are both in Dutch and English.

The book about Dutch traditions.

Through intimate portraits and iconic landscapes, Nelson’s tailor-made 10×8 analogue plate camera brings forth exquisite detail and a romantic quality reminiscent of Dutch masters. 

The photographs, complemented by hand-drawn illustrations, provide a visual narrative of Dutch heritage. 

The free mobile app unlocks behind-the-scenes videos, enriching the experience. Immerse yourself in the captivating tales, history, and myths of each region, revealing the resilience and beauty that define the Dutch spirit. 

This is not just a book but an artistic voyage into the very essence of the Netherlands.

Book about Netherlands herritage

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