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PLESS - Midnight Buffet

PLESS - Midnight Buffet

Midnight Buffet, the third album by the duo PLESS, revolves around themes such as opulence, hedonism and individualism. A subsequent counterpoint to the debut Hypernormal (2022) and the digital release Technidolor (2023).

The retreat of the individual into the smallest possible space with as little dissonance from the hostile outside world as possible. Your own little utopia, your personal customized hell. Where something is lacking, the missing thing is made up in pure fantasy or made whole again adding a fitting prosthesis.

Somewhat more refined in resolution, emotionally more accessible. References to 90s Electronica, Synthwave, film scores, West Coast hip hop and Industrial have been incorporated into the alloy of this chassis. Get in, light up a menthol, reflect, preheat, choose the right soundtrack and take off – rubber screeching. Or simply enjoy the soothing solitude in a stationary ride. Come with us.


PLESS is an electronic music duo from Bern, Switzerland. After having laid down their stringed instruments played in the metal band Unhold, Philipp Thöni and Leo Matkovic turned to buttons, keys and knobs. A duo aiming for the moody cinematic atmosphere and the impulsive beat-driven electronic dance move alike – all the while exploring the right combination of analog electronica to form a timeless piece of music. Since the well received debut Album Hypernormal (Everest Records, 2022), the band has been keeping busy and written Technidolors – a digital-only release focusing on the hybrid of mood and dance; dark and light. Midnight Buffet, the third release by the duo is aiming to condense the contrast of eerie loops, larger-than-life-melodies and melancholy introspection into a sound of its own.

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