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Amalie Dahl’s Dafnie - Står Op Med Solen

Amalie Dahl’s Dafnie - Står Op Med Solen

Står op med solen (Rising with the sun) is the second album by Amalie Dahl’s Dafnie. With this album, the band continues the exploration of their collective sound. We hear influences from both old school free jazz, and contemporary Scandinavian jazz like Fire! Orchestra and Christian Wallumrød Ensemble, as well as clear connection to the Trondheim milieu, where the group was founded in 2020.

The energetic and expressive band explores their more subtle side with this record. Står op med solen is an album longing for humans to be one with nature. The music questions the world’s ultra-capitalistic power structures of today where everything has to move forward and be productive all the time. The band navigates like one organism through parts of organic free jazz, strict structures and composed cells.

They start out where their first record ended, in the familiar free jazz sound with riffs and melodies, and take us safely on their onward journey. Amalie Dahl’s Dafnie brings together five well-known names from the Norwegian jazz scene, also known from other projects like Kongle Trio, Bliss Quintet, I like to sleep, Veslemøy Narvesen, Galumphing Duo, Treen and Trondheim Jazz Orchestra, among others.

The band has already been touring in Scandinavia, Poland and Germany during the past 3 years, and is well known for their playful and close chemistry. Their first record Dafnie (Sonic Transmissions Records, 2022) received excellent reviews in The Wire, The Quietus among others. To celebrate the new album Amalie Dahl’s Dafnie will do 11 concerts in Europe between April 22nd and May 5th.


April 22: Rönnells Antikvariat, Stockholm (SE) 
April 23: Klub Primi, Copenhagen (DK) 
April 24: Erlings Jazz & Ølbar, Århus (DK) 
April 25: Sowieso, Berlin (DE) 
April 28: Antikvariatet, Trondheim (NO) 
April 29: Becco, Oslo (NO) 
April 30: Kulturforum Villach, Villach (AT) 
May 2: Oorstof & Klankhaven at Rataplan, Antwerp (BE) 
May 3: OCCII, Amsterdam (NL) 
May 4: Eindhoven Paviljoen Ongehoorde Muziek (Oorstof & POM collab), Eindhoven (NL) 
May 5: Kaap (Oorstof & Kaap collab), Ostend (BE) 

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