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Brijean - Macro

Brijean - Macro

Brijean return with Macro, a dynamic and deeply fun record out July 12
Since their debut as Brijean, the project of percussionist/singer-songwriter Brijean Murphy (the percussive heartbeat for live bands like Mitski, Poolside, and Toro y Moi) and multi-instrumentalist/producer Doug Stuart has moved with ingenuity, fusing psych-pop abstraction with dancefloor sensibilities. Through the body and mind, rhythm and lyricism, they make sense of the worlds around and within. 

Across the playful expanse of Macro, Brijean engages different sides of themselves, the paradox of being alive. They've leveled up to meet the harmonies of the human experience with their most dynamic songwriting yet, animating a macrocosm with characters, moods, and points of view rooted in the notion that no feeling is final and the only way out is through.

The duo has partnered with the creative studio FISK for a character-driven LP spread.

Brijean sees the record's vast sonic spectrum in contrast to the expectations for their output — "we're supposed to know the box that our art fits in, and then fully commit to it existing within that box," adds Stuart. It also mirrors life: love, family, fantasy, pleasure, and pain... the intention of Macro is not just to move through the ups and downs but to feel it all.

Lead single "Workin' On It" initially started as a living room jam, then "Doug played the two-layered basslines over a loop of bongos, congas, and a drum machine and the rest felt like it happened in a dream," explains Murphy. While working late into the night and struggling with insomnia, she improvised her sleep-deprived lines, riffing on self-improvement and modern times. It streams today with a visualizer by Bijan Berahimi, alongside the vinyl pre-order bundled with a Brijean keychain.

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