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EVA X - Dopamine Blind

EVA X - Dopamine Blind

Industrial pop artist, EVA X has just unveiled her newest single & video, "Dopamine Blind".

"Dopamine Blind" is a dark dance track, born out of escaping life into the night. It's an industrial pop dream of escaping into neon soaked clubs and dark corners. EVA X chases the need to forget our problems and capture a moment of bliss, no matter where it takes us. It’s angry, defiant, and longing all at once, wrapped up together in the rhythm of the dancefloor.

"Dopamine Blind" is available on all major digital outlets including Spotify and Bandcamp.

The "Dopamine Blind" video, co-created by Erik Gustafson Cinematography and EVA X, jumps into the neon ennui of the song, then twists it in an occult direction. Shot around Vancouver, BC, the video takes the club banger into a more intimate setting.

EVA X is a robot girl who fuses elements of industrial, synthpop, and metal into infectious dark dance. From bedroom producer to rising powerhouse, she's built a dedicated following in North America and beyond. Festival and showgoers all over Canada and the US have joined the heavy metal dance party, notably at Terminus and on Moris Blak's American Dream tour in 2023. Her debut album, I Dream Of A Reality released on Distortion Productions, made appearances on multiple Best Of 2022 lists.

2024 sees EVA X ramping up to album number two, with her newest single “Dopamine Blind” offering a taste of what’s to come.

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