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Boulder Fields - Measures

Boulder Fields - Measures

Edinburgh-based troubadour Boulder Fields presents his new folktastic single 'Measures', a catchy and uptempo taste of his debut album ‘With All The Other Ghosts’, released via Scottish indie imprint Let There Be Numbers.

“We measure the distance, we measure how far still to go…”

Boulder Fields revolves around Scottish singer-songwriter Cam Fraser, formerly of Borrowed Books and 80s punk legends The Cateran, who joined Nirvana on the 1989 UK tour that broke the band, as well as touring or sharing the stage with The Proclaimers, Tad and Grant Hart (Husker Du),

This long-play record features eleven thoughtful tracks with beautiful, stripped-down arrangements. Mainly played on acoustic instruments, these songs are enveloped with sonorous harmonies and delivered with fierce intensity, recalling these artists' collective punk history.

"Is it too simplistic to say that sometimes it’s hard to keep going? Then sometimes, at least for some, it just gets too hard. Resilience is all very well, but the unexpected shitstorm can overwhelm even the strongest, and then it’s all too easy to sink below," says Cam Fraser about the deeper meaning of 'Measures'.

“Boulder Fields had already played a few shows prior to heading into the studio. There was something magical happening with just these acoustic instruments and the vocals, and it felt like this was what we should try to capture on the album. Listening to it now, I think that’s pretty much what we pulled off. It sounds just like when we play together; nothing fake or contrived or prettied up with technology… just us. I’m proud of this collection of songs and I’m proud of how we play them together.”

On ‘With All The Other Ghosts’, Cam (vocals, guitar) forms the core three-piece with his long-time collaborator Aly Barr (bass, vocals) and the talented Suzy Cargill (drums, vocals). Since their debut performance as a collective at 2022's Belladrum Festival, they have played several very well-received shows around Edinburgh, some as a three-piece and some with the extended line-up.

This album also features Jamie Watson, a hugely respected figure in the Scottish music scene. Perhaps best known as a producer for the likes of Snow Patrol and The Vaselines, or former owner of Chamber Studio, Watson was also a member of such influential Scottish bands as The Monos, The Solos and The Persian Rugs. Jamie and Cam first worked together back in the 1980s, when Cam’s band rehearsed and recorded at Jamie’s studio. On acoustic guitar for several tracks, he contributes some impressive finger-style guitar, in addition to tapping his vast experience in helping create the final mix.

Fraser adds, "The album owes a lot to the very lovely guy who sat behind the mixing desk, Richie Werner at B&B Studios. As well as fretting about all the technical stuff and making sure he got the best possible sound out of all the instruments, Richie also fired up his studio’s old Hammond organ and played on a couple of songs."

As of April 16, 'Measures' will be available from fine digital outlets, including Apple Music and Bandcamp. The album 'All the Other Ghosts' will be released on June 14 and is already available for pre-order.

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