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REVISER - "Assassins" and "Burn It Out"

REVISER  - "Assassins" and "Burn It Out"

Darkwave band, REVISER recently dropped two new tracks via all major digital outlets - "Assassins" & "Burn It Out".

"Assassins" and "Burn It Out" are twin singles that address two sides of the same coin: "Assassins" addresses fighting  the imposition of external power that wants to control us as individuals, and "Burn It Out" addresses finding power within ourselves, and to wield it wisely. Like all of REVISER lyrics, however, their interpretations are up to the listener.

"Assassins" is an unrelenting stomper, with catchy and haunting guitar and keyboard hooks, and "Burn It Out" is a bass-driven powerhouse that’s fit for the dance-floor and midnight-drives, alike.  

"Assassins" & "Burn It Out" are both available on all major digital outlets including Bandcamp and Spotify.  produced by Paul Malinowski of SHINER :

REVISER came to be in the Winter of 2023.   Helmed by baritone guitarist and vocalist Krysztof Nemeth as his band of many years (Kansas City’s Post-Punk / Shoegaze stalwarts Emmaline Twist) was drawing the curtain around itself and going into hibernation. Conspiring with Dedric Moore on second guitar (his musical collaborator in Kansas City’s electro-dance outfit Monta), Krysztof began programming songs that would combine those big post-punk and shoegaze guitar voices with dark keyboard textures and forceful drum machines.  The band is rounded out by Tom Romero on synths, a past-and-fellow Monta member as well.

Calling to mind classic 80’s bands such as Sisters of Mercy, The Cure, and Killing Joke, REVISER sounds complimentary to such contemporaries as Actors, Soft Kill, and Drab Majesty.  REVISER collects and redirects its familiar influences into something both familiar and foreign, a sound that is dark, deep, and danceable. 

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