26-05-2024 Music 178

Rivherside - Instrumental Cheap Fuzz Blues EP

Rivherside - Instrumental Cheap Fuzz Blues EP

Until recently, Renaud (Villet) was absolutely not considering a return of Rivherside, a project that he left aside since 2016. And then recently, a very simple guitar riff came to him, first on acoustic guitar. He decided to record it, and put a big fuzz sound. He really enjoyed it, and he made a full track in a couple of days, adding other guitar parts, bass, keyboards and drums. He then realized that it sounded like Rivherside, a mix of dirty roots sound and drum samples, produced entirely with a computer.

Then Renaud realist that he had to take advantage of the opportunity and his inspiration to make a few more tracks with the same vibe. So here is a new EP of 4 fairly short instrumentals, made in a hurry, which he named "Instrumental Cheap Fuzz Blues EP".

Available from today on all download and streaming platforms.

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