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Wild Remedy - Home Song

Wild Remedy - Home Song

Canadian indie folk trio Wild Remedy presents their effervescent single 'Home Song', previewing their debut 'Songs From Home' EP.  Making music that radiates like a beacon of hope, this all-female trio of Ottawa-born musicians' music is rooted in a love for chilling harmonies and all things folk.

Every folk band needs a song about home, and “Home Song” is Wild Remedy’s take. Paying homage to their folk roots, the lyrics mimic the simplicity found in many Americana-Country songs, yet draw in the dynamic storytelling key of the indie-folk genre. This near-title track is sure to have audiences tappin’ and clappin’ along with catchy percussion, and an unforgettable sound.

Wild Remedy is made up of Amy Russett, Colleen Roberston and Shay Mahoney, who now has one foot in Ottawa and one in Montreal. Influenced by everything from alternative pop to folk-rock, gospel to disco, the band has been an emerging force in the Canadian folk scene since 2022, entertaining audiences with their catchy originals, new takes on folk classics, and haunting harmonies.

With strong harmonies and upbeat folk acoustics as strong points, Wild Remedy's songs range from a classic stomp-and-holler sound that makes you want to dance, to thought-provoking indie vibes that leave the listener feeling uplifted. Wild Remedy spins a beautiful sonic web between singer-songwriter offerings, indie pop and Canadian folk - perhaps what it might sound like if Joni Mitchell and Boygenius had a not-so-secret folk band.

“I initially wrote ‘Home Song’ to poke a bit of fun at our folk genre; every folk band needs a song about ‘home’. I had the guitar melody written for a while and it just lived in my voice recordings for about six months (along with many other half-written songs). But the lyrics came one night as I took the metro home after shooting pool with a friend," says Shay Mahoney.

"I was thinking about how life might be different if I had chosen a different career path, lived in a different city, or maybe just stayed home in Ottawa after high school. But as I thought about it, I discovered that more things make up ‘home’ than we realize. And ‘Home Song’ was born from this discovery: I could wander ‘round the globe, and home would still be found in the places where – and in the people with whom – I know I belong.”

Their forthcoming debut EP 'Songs from Home' is an honest collection about the realities of growing up and becoming, set to dance-worthy rhythms and unforgettable melodies. The release includes Wild Remedy's first singles 'What I Did Find' and 'Wild Remedy', as well as new folk hits that both stir the heart and echo the bright sound and iconic harmonies that the band has become known for.

Having bonded over their mutual love of music and songwriting, the trio met in 2020 and finally and made their local debut in 2022, performing at farmers markets around the Ottawa area. With Amy’s powerhouse vocals and guitar, Colleen’s smooth alto tones, and Shay’s ability to sing and play anything (including guitar, mandolin, cajon and harmonica), folks started to take notice. In 2023, the band released their first two original single songs, involving producer Nate Hardy, which were met with loads of love and grew them a grassroots fanbase.

With the release of their debut EP, Wild Remedy breathes fresh life into the Canadian folk genre by taking listeners on a journey of self-discovery to an inspiring soundtrack that will leave a lasting echo in the listener's heart. 'Songs From Home' is Wild Remedy's invitation to be part of something truly inspiring, invigorating and soul-nourishing.

On May 24, 'Home Song' will be available everywhere digitally, including Spotify, Apple Music and Bandcamp. The full 'Songs From Home' EP will be released on June 14. Wild Remedy's EP release party will take place in Ottawa on June 21, followed by 'The Wild Tour' with Wild Bloom, and a handful of shows in July and August. 

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