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The Stone Eye - High Frequency Hog

The Stone Eye - High Frequency Hog

The Stone Eye, a rock band based in Philadelphia, PA, has recently released their new single titled "High Frequency Hog". According to the band's guitarist and vocalist, Stephen Burdick, the song came together after he stumbled upon a random riff one night before a rehearsal. He brought the riff to the other members of the band, including guitarist Jonah Etsy, bassist Jacob Mathis, and drummer Jeremiah Bertin, and they all loved it. 

"High Frequency Hog" is the first song that the band has finished writing with their new bassist Jacob, and it showcases the band's musical capabilities. Right out the door the main riff, which Burdick came up with, is a sonic titan that sets the tone for the entire song. Solidly still The Stone Eye's badge, but an underlying lean towards the '90s STP. The band members' individual talents shine through in the song, with each instrument contributing to the overall sound. 

The release of "High Frequency Hog" shows that The Stone Eye is committed to pushing the boundaries of rock music and creating something new and exciting. Fans of the band can expect more great music from them in the very near future, as they continue to evolve and grow as musicians.

"'High Frequency Hog" began as a random riff I (Stephen) stumbled upon one night before a rehearsal. I just began playing the primary chord which makes up the majority of the main riff, figured out the little run at the end of the riff, and then brought it to the boys and they dug it. This ended up being the first song we actually finished writing with our new bassist Jacob, as the main riff was all I had going into the night and by the end of it, we pretty much had the song you ended up hearing on the record. It was a very natural process that resulted in one of our heaviest songs to date."' - Stephen Burdick


The prolific Philadelphia rock band known as The Stone Eye is back a mere five months after the release of their last EP, delivering one of their heaviest songs to date, "High Frequency Hog". Fusing metal, post-hardcore, and grunge influences, The Stone Eye continues to push boundaries while staying true to their signature sound. This latest release showcases a newfound heaviness, unveiling layers of sonic-complexity previously unexplored in the band's discography. As trailblazers in genre fusion, The Stone Eye continues to captivate audiences with their ability to seamlessly weave diverse musical elements into their compositions.

Behind the scenes, the band's evolution continues to unfold with the addition of bassist Jacob Mathis and guitarist Jonah Etsy to the lineup, joining forces with vocalist/guitarist Stephen Burdick and drummer Jeremiah Bertin. This expansion injects fresh perspectives and musical prowess into the creative process, further propelling The Stone Eye on their musical journey.

With "High Frequency Hog," The Stone Eye has unleashed a sonic titan, once again showing that there are no limits to what they’re musically capable of. The chalks are off, and this locomotive shows no signs of slowing down.

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