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"Ode aan Nederland". Museum Dokkum. 03 Juli- 26 September 2024

"Ode aan Nederland" lands in Museum Dokkum!

Museum Dokkum will host the third leg of the traveling exhibition presented by the Jimmy Nelson Foundation. Titled "Ode aan Nederland" (Ode to the Netherlands), this remarkable exhibition showcases the work from the book "Between the Sea and the Sky."

Through this exhibition, we celebrate and honor the rich cultural heritage of the Netherlands by returning artworks to their origins. As a special tribute, the Jimmy Nelson Foundation will donate a piece of art to each of the 20 Dutch communities featured in the exhibition.

Visit Dokkum to experience the vibrant spirit and timeless beauty of these communities, brought to life through the lens of Jimmy's camera.

Deep-rooted Traditions

With his images, Jimmy unveils the essence of each of the twenty communities portrayed in the exhibition. The showcase highlights the enduring strength of deep-rooted traditions, symbolized by the traditional costumes proudly worn as a celebration of identity and history. This serves as a reminder of the importance of heritage preservation in our rapidly evolving world.

Ode aan Nederland

­Donation of the art work

"Ode aan Nederland" is not just an exhibition; it's a sincere tribute to Dutch culture and the communities shaping it. In a gesture of gratitude for their collaboration, the Jimmy Nelson Foundation is donating 20 artworks from the exhibition back to the original communities as a reciprocity project. Beyond being a source of inspiration, this exhibition stands as a heartfelt tribute to the individuals who work tirelessly to keep these traditions vibrant and alive.

 Jimmy Nelson Foundation
Ode aan Nederland - Game

In tandem with the exhibition, the Jimmy Nelson Foundation introduces the 'Ode Aan Nederland' game—a unique, interactive experience enhancing the visitor's connection to Dutch culture. Downloadable from the Foundation's website or available at Museum Dokkum's ticket counter, the game invites visitors, families, and friends to engage playfully and meaningfully with the exhibition.

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