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GIGI - Being In Love Is The Reason And The Universe Does The Rest

GIGI - Being In Love Is The Reason And The Universe Does The Rest

GIGI, with the g's pronounced as in guitar, was born as Christian Haudej in Austria where he started playing bass in a punk rock band by the age of fifteen and later on received a master's degree in jazz-guitar before moving to Berlin and intensifying his interest in experimental electronic and complex-rhythm based music. From 2014 on he has used the alias ‚inaud1bl3‘ and for the first time since his punk-rock days sung his own lead vocals. Since 2019 he has released 6 albums and 2 e.p.'s on the 'generate and test' label of Austrian computer-music pioneers 'farmers manual'.

The album 'The Second Coming' will be released in June 2024. The slightly over 26 minutes short album is his first release as GIGI. It is tightly packed with smashing pophit-songstructure-based bangers and compressed to the essential but still leaves space for breathing.

On ‚Being In Love Is The Reason And The Universe Does The Rest ep‘ GIGI combines the four already prereleased singles of ‚The Second Coming‘ with remastered rereleases of ‚LOVECURSE‘ (first released on ‚I Am A Human’) and ‚Dein Herz klopft an‘ (first released on ‚Zahlenspiele e.p.‘) to create an all-for-love banger-release.

GIGI sings in English and the performance ranges from heartfelt whispering through melodic narrations to energetic shouting. The driving, rhythmically accentuated and, at times, expressive and emotional lead vocals are backed up by elaborated self-harmonizing or angelic choirs that can also be spiced up by some demonic voices occasionally. 

In the year 2013 GIGI turned his home into something of a yoga cave. In ‚And The Universe Does The Rest‘ he communicates his situation while progressing in inner transformation and the fact that ‚success‘ in white magic is gained by consistently repeating the same basic simple methods.

„The song is one of this examples for songwriting where melody, words and chords are created instantly by intuitive inspiration at the same moment. The chorus of the final version is just the same as improvised in my kitchen on ukulele and when it came to recording the guitar i immediately nailed the final version on first take!“. 

In 2014 GIGI was blacking-out multiple times daily while doing his breathing method routines as he describes in ‚The Meaning Of Life‘. It’s a song about the possibility of connecting through either socio-cultural or spiritual behavior and that through this connection a field is created. The EP version differs from the single in that it does not contain an intro.

„Having“ is a crossover of Hyper-Disco, Alternative-Rock and Electronicore that is pushing throughout and steadily building up towards the end of the song. The lyrics are dealing with different perspectives of reflection on possessions, needs and inner wealth.

In ‚Being In Love Is The Reason’ a short sparse beat and a drone bass, minimalistic in instrumentation and arrangement but monumental in production, gets overlayed by a very intimate guitar and vocal interpretation of a solemn love song.

‚Dein Herz klopft an‘ is a schlager music old school hip hop crossover, rapped in german language, where in the lyrics the target audience is adressed.

‚LOVECURSE‘ is a song about a very beautiful witch. It starts with a ragga beat, dissolves into a spaced out bridge and concludes on some heavy sludge rock guitar riff.

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