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BATIDA - Bom Bom Remixes

BATIDA - Bom Bom Remixes

Angolan/Portuguese DJ and catalyst of the Afro-electronic scene Batida shares the release of his new EP ‘Bom Bom Remixes’ via Crammed Discs/[PIAS].
Featuring vocals from acclaimed Cape Verdean singer Mayra Andrade, ‘Bom Bom’ is taken from Batida’s 2022 album Neon Colonialismo, and is a song that talks about leaving a dark place and aiming for the individual and social good (“bom”).

The emblematic original track from 2022 has now been reworked to bring the track's positive energy to the dancefloor. The EP features vocal and instrumental mixes by Ikonika, one of the UK bass scene's most revered figures, and by rising South African producer Thakzin, renowned for his cutting-edge 3 step sound.


Recognised as a central figure on the Afro-electronic scene, Batida has consistently pushed boundaries and defied expectations. The Angolan-born, Lisbon-raised artist has been working and interacting with way more than a single medium (radio, music, dance, visual arts). He's performed -both as a DJ and with a live band- at major festivals around Europe & the UK, and has contributed to raising the public's awareness of new electronic sounds from Africa and the Lusophone world via his numerous residencies at various radio stations (which included Worldwide FM).


After more than 15 years, four albums, dozens of EPs, and gigs all over the globe, Ikonika is one of the most respected names in the UK club diaspora. Best known for their numerous releases on and affiliation with Hyperdub Records, as well as EPs on Don’t Be Afraid (DBA), Night Slugs and Planet Mu, they are an artist ever in motion, now light years away from the post-dubstep landscape where they first made their name. While certain aspects of their sound remain consistent – a love of club-friendly rhythms purpose built with digital flair and a strong sense of melody – the diversity of their interests – pop, R&B, bashment – have become even more apparent in recent music.


Thakzin is a rising star of the South African music scene. His innovative approach to production has won him praise and admiration from both peers and fans. Born into a musical family and deeply influenced by his South African and Mozambican roots, Thakzin genre-bending universal sound is fusing forward thinking South African genres with the roots of a wider African culture and urban and electronic influences from around the world.

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