30-06-2024 Music 271

PROTOKOLL 19 - Mental Decay

PROTOKOLL 19 - Mental Decay

Dark electronic band, PROTOKOLL 19 has announced the release of their new EP, Mental Decay.

Anxiety and depression are conditions that many of us know all too well. Mental Decay focuses in on the lows that are felt when struggling with mental health and the never-ending fight to push through these thoughts.

Says founding member, Jayson Smith, "If you take note of the subject matter of each song you'll notice the track order is set in a way to make you feel the low points and then get a sense of relief and hope only to cycle through it once again."

Mental Decay is available on all major streaming outlets including Spotify & Bandcamp.

PROTOKOLL19 is a dark electronic act hailing from Tampa, Florida that infuses harsh synths, heavy beats, and aggressive vocals with the lyrics Inspired by the occult and the struggles of life.

The project was launched in 2020 during the global Covid-19 pandemic, which also inspired the name. Originally started as a creative site project, the members soon recognized the deeper potential of their music.

The musical influences of PROTOKOLL19 are broadly ranged, from electro-industrial to metalcore, with the dark, almost gloomy note always at the forefront. Without focusing on a particular sound, the band lets their creative energy flow freely to create a distinctive musical experience that challenges and fascinates.

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