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The Pull of Autumn - 'Lost Time' feat. Julius Manning

The Pull of Autumn - 'Lost Time' feat. Julius Manning

Indie art-pop outfit The Pull of Autumn presents their new offering 'Lost Time'. Featuring San Francisco singer-songwriter Julius Manning, this echoes the hushed intimacy of Nick Drake, only with heightened dream-energy, A highlight of their fifth album 'Memory Tree', a vibrant yet reflective collection of poignant indie folk songs released by the Boston indie imprint RBM Records.

Led by Rhode Island native Daniel Darrow of 80s post-punk group Johanna’s House of Glamour, The Pull of Autumn is a dynamic collective - like a revolving door of collaborators whose other core members are Bruce MacLeod, Matthew Darrow, Luke Skyscraper James (I.R.S. recording artist Fashion), who also created the video for this new Julius Manning-led single. Each release involves notable and emerging artists, drawn from the local scene and further abroad.

Julius Manning is a long-time Pull of Autumn collaborator, who earlier appeared on the 'Small Colors' and 'Beautiful Broken World' albums. A veteran of the Southern California music scene, Julius’ music recalls the sixty’s British folk music of Nick Drake, together with Sandy Denny's dreamy sound.

Described as "a melancholy remembrance of moments in time and life", the 'Memory Tree' album features numerous outstanding artists, including Philip Parfitt (The Perfect Disaster), Ricky Humphrey (This Twisted Wreckage), San Francisco-based artist Leigh Gregory, Berkeley singer-songwriter Sophia Campbell, and Rhode Island Rock’n Roll Hall of Fame inductee Paul Everett.

"Originally recorded by the late John Neff (David Lynch’s Bluebob and the sountracks for 'Lost Highway', 'Blue Velvet', 'Mulholland Drive'), it was a lot of fun to talk and share files  back and forth. John was excited to know the song was getting a chance to be heard. He also shared my love for hardware synths and electronics," says Daniel Darrow.


Julius Manning adds, "'Lost Time' was originally written in a living room in California. To me, it feels like a way to cope with what’s coming in our world - the escape in order to let go where those dark places run deep. I was happy to see John Neff and Daniel working together to bring this song to the world ."

Earlier, the band shared the lead track 'I Was Just Dreaming', featuring Boston artist Bruce MacLeod on vocals, and 'Opening / Closing' featuring Rhode Island producer, songwriter and artist Kraig Jordan, known for his collaborations with Tanya Donnelly.

Daniel Darrow says, "Instead of the free-genre bending of what came before, this new album is focused on a continuous motion of sound that creates an overall effect of electro/acoustic music and ambient sounds. Hours were spent on the order of the track selection to create a continuous sound that tells a story reflected on the cover of the album. The tree pointing downward represents the future as well as holding onto the past. This album is a melancholy remembrance of moments in time and life. I am very excited to feature many RI artists whose music I have come to love and respect over many years. Many veterans from around the world also contribute to the album. I feel this album is a concise picture of this moment in time. Every song reflects beauty, future loves and lost loves. I am excited to bring this album and great artists to the light and to have their music heard."

'Memory Tree' arrives two years after The Pull of Autumn's 'Beautiful Broken World' album, which involved several music luminaries, including The Pop Group's Mark Stewart, Living Colour's Doug Wimbish and producer Adrian Sherwood. The Pull of Autumn released their debut eponymous album in 2018, followed by 'Afterglow' in 2019, 'Small Colors' in 2020 and 'Beautiful Broken World' in 2022.

The 'Memory Tree' album is out now, available from fine digital music platforms, including Apple Music, Spotify and  Bandcamp.

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