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What to Watch? The Best Animated Series for the Adults

What to watch. The best animated series for the adults


Everybody knows such legendary animated series as The Simpsons, Rick and Morty, Futurama, South Park, Family Guy, Gravity Falls.

We have prepared for you a list of not less interesting animated series that will be interesting for the widest audience. You can watch some of them with children.


For the adults and children


Hey Arnold!

The adventures of a 9-year-old group of friends, that explore their city, its legends and landscapes, are waiting for you.

Watching this cartoon as an adult, you will discover how thoughtful it is at the background level: a fictional town of Hillwood, in which the action takes place, is a kind of fusion of New York, Seattle and San Francisco – very picturesque and progressive metropolis. The inhabitants of the house, in which Arnold’s grandparents rent out rooms, have the characteristics of full-fledged people and not plot devices. They suffer from depression, suffer from unemployment, try to build bonds with their family and know how to enjoy life in the most absurd and least obvious situations. It turns out that Arnold’s grandfather suffers from PTSD and smokes pot from time to time, and Helga’s mother is so relaxed only because she obviously suffers from alcoholism.

It should be noted that after the series 2 full-length cartoons were released: Hey Arnold!: The Movie and Hey Arnold!:The Jungle Movie. Both of them have already the version in Russian.


Life with Louie

Louie Anderson is a protagonist of this animated series. He lives in the town of Cedar Knoll, Wisconsin. Louie is eight years old. He lives in a private house with his parents and with his sisters and brothers. Throughout the series Louie falls in love with Jeannie, his friend and a classmate. He raised a guide dog for the blind. For the guide dog he bought a fish and called him Pepper. The boy studies in primary school. He is teased by a local bully Glen Glenn. He is also a fan of football team Packers. The boy looks at life with adult eyes. He is very vulnerable and sensitive, like reading comics and watching the series about the dog of justice “Night Snoop”.

Watch this series with your children. We are sure they will like it.


Adventure Time

This series is about unordinary and funny adventures of two friends: the boy Finn and his dog Jake. The action takes place in the magical country Ooo. Finn is a 13-year-old boy who adores travelling and saving princesses from the clutches of terrible monsters and villains who inhabit the Land Ooo. Jake is the best Finn’s friend. He is a magical dog with the ability to stretch his body to almost any size and shape. Jake is 28 years old and he plays a role of Finn’s mentor friend, and his magical abilities helps the boy in his struggle against the evil.It’s worth noting that NBO Max has recently ordered four special episodes of Adventure Time. The first one, which is about robot BMO, has already been released with Russian voice acting. We are looking forward to the rest three ones.


Over the Garden Wall

Over the Garden Walltells about two half-brothers, Wirt and Greg, who become lost and want to find their way home. Only they become lost in an unfamiliar forest called the “Unknown”. Each series is a separate story on the way home, but certain motives move from series to series, for example, confrontation between the lumberjack and the mysterious Beast, or the search for the “good witch” Adelaide with the bird Beatrice. And all this is on the background of the unique autumn orange-yellow colors and decorations from fallen leaves.

The two brothers are complemented by the whole kaleidoscope of bright and eccentric characters who can suddenly perform a song, then turn into someone bad and ominous. Sometimes we see only the end of their story, sometimes the beginning, and sometimes – just an excerpt from their life.


Future Boy Conan

Post-apocalypticfuture. The land is almost completely covered with oceans. The new capital of the world is technically perfect islandIndustria. When nuclear bombs began to fall on the ground, a group of people tried to leave the planet, but they failed, and as a result only the boy Conan survived. On the island he lives with his grandfather and thinks that they two – the only alive people on the planet… until suddenly he finds the girl Lana on the beach. Lana is soon kidnapped by the soldiers of Industria and Conan goes to find her.

Why this series is worth watching. The answer is simple – it was created by Hayao Miyazaki.


Only for the adults


Doctor Katz, Professional Therapist

Doctor Katz, Professional Therapist

The show is built around the main character, psychotherapist Jonathan Katz, whose voice and appearance belong to the comedian of the same name. Doctor Katz is a very gentle, benevolent man; he is divorced from his wife, enjoys playing the guitar and spending time with his friend Stanley and bartender Julie at the bar. In each episode famous actors and comedians come to Katz for the session. Comedians mostly read their stage material, and therapy sessions with actors and actresses contain more interpersonal communication with the doctor. Along with work the series shows the daily life of the protagonist. In such scenes a lot of attention is paid to Jonathan’s completely unmotivated twenty-four-year-old son Ben (Jon Benjamin), indifferent and unhelpful secretary Laura (Laura Silverman), and two friends: Stanley (Will LeBow) and Julie, voiced by one of the show producers, Julianne Shapiro. In later episodes Todd (Todd Barry) becomes a regular character.

Each episode begins with Jonathan and Ben’s breakfast scene, where the plot of the episode begins (for example, Ben’s attempt to become a radio host). The development of this plot is shown alternating with therapy sessions. Almost all episodes finish according to the same scenario: while the patient sits in Jonathan’s office, music sounds signaling the end of the session, and Katz draws attention to it with the phrase “Do you know what this music is? Our time is up” or something like this.




In an International Secret Intelligence Service any world crisis is just an excuse for high-class secret agents who compete in deception and betrayal. The protagonist of the animated series is a special agent Sterling Archer, who is also known by the codename “Duchess”. In the service Archer has to put up with his eccentric mom / boss – Malory, ex-girlfriend Lana, concerned secretary Cheryl and other “interesting personalities”.


BoJack Horseman

BoJack Horsemanis a cartoon satire of Hollywood reality. There is a contrasting world of people and anthropomorphic animals, looking through the glass of ordinary life with typical personal and social problems. And as in life, the plot develops unpredictably. There are no unequivocally positive or negative characters. Comical situations look like a drama, sadness causes laughter. And the absurdity of what is happening sometimes perplexes the characters.
The series revolves around a horse named BoJack drinking whisky, his ex-lover and his human friend.


Final Space

Final Space

This series has not been watched by everyone yet. So it’s time to rectify the situation. In any case we have not seen cartoons with such good-quality humor for a long time.

Gary Goodspeed is serving a 5-year prison sentence in a spaceship in the space as a result of the disaster which he provoked on the Earth. Shortly before his term expires Gary encounters a mysterious alien named Mooncake. Gary does not suspect yet that Mooncake is capable to destroy the Universe.


Love, Death & Robots

Love, Death & Robots

This project of Netflix was a rather bold idea: you seldom see a collection of varied animated short films on screens. Love, Death & Robots is 18 completely different episodes, due to which any viewer will find something for themselves. There are enough philosophical reflections, furious action and intense drama. Even the technical side of the series is guaranteed to attract both just lovers of beautiful pictures and seasoned artists and designers.

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