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The Best Comedies of All Times and Peoples

The Best Comedies of All Times and Peoples


We bring a list of the best ( according to humble opinion of the editorial staff of the portal) comedies of all times and peoples.


In the morning of the weekend a major industrialist Bertrand Barnier is woken up by an uninvited guest. This is one of his employees Christian Martin. The purpose of his visit is to ask for a salary increase of 2 thousand francs up to 6 thousand francs a month. He needs such a high salary for asking her beloved girl, who is accustomed to not a poor life, to marry him. After a long wrangling and threatening to go to the main competitor, Christian manages to get the tight-fisted and dodgy Monsieur Barnier to fulfill his request and his salary is increased to 5,5 thousand francs a month.

However the guest does not hurry to leave. Literally right here he announces that his beloved girl is Barnier’s daughter, and he has the honor to ask her to marry him. Outraged by such impudence, Barnier wants to turn Martin out of the house, but it is not so easy.

Annie Hall

It is difficult to find anything more technically inventive and plot-fascinating in Woody Allen’s filmography like Annie Hall. The question is, certainly, why this film is timeless. But there is no definitive answer. Perhaps there is no point in trying to find something more than just the chemistry between Alvy and Annie. There is nothing special about their romance but it represents a universal human relationship.

“Annie Hall” is a story about two people who fell in love and then stopped loving. Each other. This romance is the ultimate postmodern love story, on the verge of collapse and dreams.


Hulot gets lost in Parisian airport and meets a group of American tourists who also do not know what to do. After that they all set off on a trip to Paris which turns out to be a city of skyscrapers and labyrinths.

Largely improvised on the set, the film reveals the ugliness of modern metropolitan areas. This comedy is a masterpiece of the world cinema, so, it is definitely worth watching at least once.

What’s in a Name?

The spouses Vincent and Anna Larche are preparing for the birth of their firstborn. On this occasion Vincent’s sister called Elizabeth and her husband Pierre arranged a dinner party for which all their relatives were invited. Besides, Elizabeth invited Vincent’s childhood friend Claude who is a very sensitive person. Pierre is also Vincent and Claude’s friend. He is a good sportsman, a handsome and gallant man, and everybody is delighted with him. He is very popular with a weaker sex, but only one girl managed to win his heart. And when everybody, besides Anna, was sitting at the table and discussing Vincent’s paternity, a question about the future child’s name was asked. Vincent’s answer comes as a huge surprise to those who are present because the future father decided to give the child name… Let’s not spoil. But this answer is an innocent from the point of dad’s view, a joke which causes the effect of an exploding bomb.

Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid

«Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid» is an American comedy film based on the script and featuring Steve Martin as a parody of American detective films of the 1940s – 1950s. The film uses fragments from famous films of the noir era that are suitable for the plot.

Rigby Reardon, a private detective, is approached by Juliet Forrest. She is sure that her father, a well-known cheese-maker, did not die in an occasional accident. Reardon gets down to business and goes to a secret neo-Nazi organization that wants to meet the USA with stinking cheese.

What We Do in the Shadows

Who said that vampires cannot live in the 21st century? In the center of the plot there are four representatives of the ancient vampire society. They as ordinary people who live in megacities, make visits, fight with werewolves and sit in the bars. To tell the truth, they do this at night because they are afraid of sunlight. However, suddenly young Nick comes to them and the old ghouls WON’T live without trouble.

This is an unconventional parody, filmed by New Zealanders and practically for a penny. You will definitely like it.

Casino Royale

It is the only Bond comedy based on the novel of the same name by Ian Fleming. A powerful secret organization destroyed all agents of the British intelligence service. The royal intelligence service has the only way out – to seek help from James Bond, the legendary 007 agent who has a license to kill and who has retired after the death of his girlfriend.

La Course a l’echalote

A bank clerk Pierre Vidal (played by Pierre Richard), is in love with a hairdresser Janet (played by a beauty Jane Birkin). The hairdressing salon, where Janet works, is situated opposite the bank. Pierre always spies on her through binoculars, and she has already got tired that his job comes first. The director of the bank decided to take a short vacation and appoints Pierre as his temporary deputy. And just at this time the swindlers decide to steal valuable documents from the bank. Pierre without informing the police sets off on his own in search for a precious briefcase with documents.

The Monster

Loris leads his quiet life as a petty swindler and eternal debtor hiding from his creditors. At the same time the police unsuccessfully try to track down the monster raping women.

Loris, hiding from his creditors, hides behind the walls of his houses, in fear crosses the road in the most inappropriate and dangerous places for it. And all this makes the police believe that it is he who this wanted monster – a sex terrorist.

In order to catch Loris red-handed, the police send their sexy employee to him. She begins to provoke Loris, flirting with him in the ugliest way. But will the suspect fall for the attractive bait?

Four Rooms

The mischievous comedy consists of four short stories (each director made one), connected by one hero – the bellboy Ted, who came to work on New Year’s Eve.

He gets to the witches’ coven, almost dies at the hands of a jealous husband. Ted hardly gets away from naughty gangster’s kids. He takes part in a strange bet of eccentric gentlemen.

But despite the doubtful adventures, the bellboy remains calm in any the most incredible situations.

The Taming of the Scoundrel

A rude farmer, who categorically does not accept female society, is quite happy and satisfied with his bachelor life. But a woman who suddenly appeared in his life is trying to change his views on life and charm him.

The Whole Nine Yards

A dentist NicholasOseransky led calm and measured life. But meeting a new neighbor Jimmy “the Tulip” put an end to it once and for all. “The Tulip” was a professional killer and stole ten million dollars from his boss. And Nicholas’s wife – Sophie – decided to turn Jimmy over to his ex-boss.

Groundhog Day

TV commentator Phil Connors travels to a small Pennsylvania town every year to celebrate Groundhog Day. But this time the fun runs the risk of going too far. Time played a cruel joke with him. It stopped.

Now on Phil’s calendar the same date turns black – February 2, from which he cannot get out. The cheerful host is trying to derive benefit from his comical position: he has a plenty of time ahead and a serene predictable future.

Hence forth, nothing bad will happen to him… and nothing good. Now Phil has just a cherished dream, simple and uncomplicated – February 3…

The Guard

A provincial Irish policeman, lover of booze, prostitutes and risky jokes, together with notorious black FBI agent who is used to acting by the rules, are investigating the activities of an international drug cartel.

Can a cheerful red-haired Irishman and determined African American work together? After all, the business they took on will be as unpredictable as they are…

Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

Kubrick’s film became a satire of all the American phobias and post-war stereotypes. (The name itself parodies the famous American bestseller of Carnegie “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living”). In the film the director ridicules the stereotypes of Americans about the communists, the stupidity of the military, religious fundamentalism and consumer culture. The movie parodies the clichés of the war films, films, which at that time were often created under the auspices of the government and the military. The director reproduces military equipment and various objects with extreme accuracy. This realism, along with the use of military chronicle techniques, becomes an excellent background for cynical jokes.

The Blues Brothers

Brothers-musicians Jake and Elwood Blues learn that their local church will be demolished if they do not pay 5,000 dollars on time. The brothers don’t have much time to find money and they decide to give a concert.

However, Jake has just been released from prison, and Elwood has his own troubles with the law, and everyone dreams of getting to them: police, bandits, neo-Nazis. Before rescuing the church, the Blues brothers will make a real mayhem on the streets of Chicago.

Shaun of the Dead

In Shaun’s life, everything goes awry: he is 29 years old. He works as an ordinary sales assistant in “Eldorado” of the British type. At home there are constant domestic showdowns with roommates. And, besides,his girlfriend also refuses him. In general, it is not a life, but a complete torment. And then as ill luck would have it, some strange epidemic begins – revived and very hungry corpses begin to roam the foggy Albion in search for a fresh human being, infecting more and more innocent citizens along the way, turning them into the same zombies. This is where the end of our hero’s patience comes. Together with his bosom friend Ed, armed with clubs and shovels, loyal friends go out on the warpath in order to endure the bosoms of the annoying zombies, save their relatives and survive on their own.

Seven Psychopaths

Unlucky writer has lost inspiration and cannot cope with a new script. By chance, he finds himself involved in a dog abduction initiated by his eccentric cronies. It turns out that the stolen animal is a favorite dog of the main local gangster who can easily figure out and destroy the idiots in no time.

The Fairy

The guy, who is called Dom, works night shift in a small lodge in the industrial seaport of Le Havre. Once at night a woman comes to the hotel without luggage and boots. Her name is Fiona. She introduces herself as a fairy to Dom and allows him to make 3 wishes. Fiona makes 2 of them and then disappears in a strange way. Dom, who is fallen in love with her, searches for her everywhere.

The Big Lebowski

Los Angeles, 1991, war in the Persian Gulf. The main character, whose nickname is “the Dude”, considers a completely happy man. His life is bowling and drinking alcohol. But suddenly his happiness is violated, gangsters take him for a millionaire with the same name by mistake, demand money that he does not suspect, and among other things kidnap a wife of a millionaire, being sure that the “husband” will pay any amount for her.

The Very Same Munchhausen

The Very Same Munchhausen

It is a comic fantasy about life, love and death of famous Baron Munchausen who lived in the XVIII century and became a hero of many funny books and legends, based on characters and episodes of famous Rudolf ErichRaspe’s novel, but in fact it is an independent work.

“A thinking person is simply obliged to lift himself by the hair from time to time” – it seems that this is what the authors of the picture succeed in. Baron wants to marry his beloved Martha, but the church refuses to marry them because there is an alive wife, “who has pacified him for 20 years”. Tired Martha wants baron to be like everybody, but he does not want and can’t.

The duke will only allow the marriage if the baron confirms in writing that all his stories are false and he is an ordinary person.

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