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SCHUBERT PILZ SCHEIB KUGEL - Live at FreeJazzSaar 2019

SCHUBERT PILZ SCHEIB KUGEL - Live at FreeJazzSaar 2019

Frank Paul Schubert - alto & soprano saxophone
Michel Pilz - bassclarinet
Stefan Scheib - doublebass
Klaus Kugel - drums

"Where is Charles?" This question might have popped up, when Mr. Charles Gayle didn't leave the plane he was supposed to be in...

On April 5, 2019, a spontaneously assembled quartet consisting of Michel Pilz (bcl), Frank Paul Schubert (as, ss), Stefan Scheib (b) and Klaus Kugel (dr, perc.) played a set at the FreeJazzSaar Festival, Saarbrücken, as a substitute for Charles Gayle, who had unexpectedly fallen ill. Some of the musicians in this quartet had never played together before; Michel Pilz and Klaus Kugel, however, have a very long musical history. The spark was immediate; from the first note the music was both highly energetic and well-structured, as if to prove that with experienced improvisers a first encounter can lead to a valid result of lasting value. Fortunately, this very special moment was captured, as the radio 'Saarländischer Rundfunk' recorded the festival.

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