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Sinister Fate - Meet Mister Scratch

Sinister Fate - Meet Mister Scratch

‘Meet Mister Scratch’ is the spooktacular new video-single from Chicago shock-rock outfit Sinister Fate, produced by Vito Marchese of RHQ Productions. Based around the 1922 classic Swedish silent horror film, Häxan, yesterday’s exclusive premiere of the ‘Meet Mister Scratch’ video, thanks to Rue Morgue, marks the 95th anniversary of Häxan being released in the US, on 27 May 1929. Asked why Häxan had inspired Sinister Fate to base their new video around the film, frontman David Bates told Rue Morgue:

“I’ve always dug old black and white silent movies like Häxan, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (and) Nosferatu... Initially, I had the idea to splice us in with the movie, a sort of hodgepodge of a video; whereas Vito suggested using his green screen and actually putting us IN the movie, and editing it to create our own story. It was fun and easy to film. I feel it’s our best video to date.”

Asked more about the song itself, ‘Meet Mister Scratch’, Bates went on to say:

“Lyrically I always dug the legend about Robert Johnson going to the crossroads: very Faust-like stories. Attaining your dreams, but at what price? The name ‘Mister Scratch’ I got from a character played by Vincent Price in the movie The Story of Mankind. Obviously, Mister Scratch is ‘The Gentleman Downstairs’, so to speak.”

Emerging from the darkest realms of Chicago, Sinister Fate have been terrifying the US Midwest since 2006. David Bates (vocals), Noel Divad (guitar), Leo Garcia (guitar), The Omen (bass), and DK (drums) combine their love for the macabre and freakshow aesthetics, with an intense shock rock /classic metal sound, to create Sinister Fate’s ghastly exhibition. Their mission statement: to keep the dead awake, and the living in fear…

Since shambling onto the music scene, Sinister Fate have toured all over the United States, playing such iconic venues as The Whiskey A Go-Go, House of Blues, The Metro, and Double Door, and headlining The Ride for Dime. The band have performed at Chicago’s Open Air Fest, Days of the Dead Horror conventions, and as staples at Breaking Fate Entertainment’s Indie and Horror Film Festivals. They have shared stages with a who’s who of rock, metal, and industrial music, including Ministry, My Life With Thrill Kill Kult, Mudvayne, Combichrist, Hanzel Und Gretyl, and Psyclon Nine, to name a few.

Sinister Fate have released two full-length studio albums, Hellbound (2013) and Broken Minds, Damaged Hearts (2020), and the live mini-album, Live Ruin (2022), recorded at Hollywood’s Whiskey-a-Go Go. Their EP releases meanwhile include Grave New World (2008) and Blood Pact (2016), and the rarities collection, Remnants from the Crypt (2019). Sinister Fate’s music also graces the soundtracks to Ron Fitzgerald's Dark Realm, and the indie horror shorts, Bacon, and Balloon Feast.

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