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CLOCKWORK ECHO - Hallowed Be Thy Pain

CLOCKWORK ECHO - Hallowed Be Thy Pain

Industrial band, CLOCKWORK ECHO has just unleashed their highly-anticipated new single, "Hallowed Be Thy Pain". 

Laden with raw emotion and haunting revelations, "Hallowed Be Thy Pain" delves deep into the themes of deceit, faith, and the far-reaching consequences of a single lie. The song’s lyrics are poignant and introspective, unraveling a story that intertwines personal guilt with collective delusion.  The song offers a powerful critique of faith, deception, and the human condition. It challenges listeners to question the narratives they have been fed and to seek the truth behind the comforting lies.

In a world where belief often triumphs over evidence, “Hallowed Be Thy Pain" critiques the exploration of faith and the ease with which people are swayed by spiritual narratives, often lacking concrete evidence. Phrases such as "shadows in their eyes" evoke a sense of collective blindness, a willingness to be deceived in exchange for spiritual comfort.

"Hallowed Be Thy Pain" serves as a haunting reminder of the fragile line between truth and fiction. As we navigate through the shadows of our own lives, may we find the courage to confront the lies we tell ourselves and others, and seek a path illuminated by truth and understanding.

The single is available on all major streaming outlets including Bandcamp and Spotify.

CLOCKWORK ECHO, from Denver, Colorado, is an industrial metal band with a strong aggrotech influence. Formed as a side project in 2018 by Gabriel Ryan before becoming a “bona fide serious act” in 2021, the band features Gabriel on vocals, synthesizers, arrangements, programming, and guitars, with rotating live musicians. 

CLOCKWORK ECHO's sound, influenced by industrial staples such as Hocico, Ministry, Psyclon Nine, as well as metal bands such as Arch Enemy and Death, strives to be a blend of pounding aggression and subtle technical sophistication, ideal for both mosh pits and dance floors.

CLOCKWORK ECHO has  toured with Psyclon Nine, Skold, and Not My God in 2023, with Hocico in 2022, and performed at festivals such as Mechanismus and Fvck Industrial Fest over the past couple of years. CLOCKWORK ECHO's music tackles often controversial philosophical and socio-political themes while maintaining a sense of tongue and cheek humor. They are currently releasing a series of singles, and their music is available on all major streaming platforms.

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