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Licorice Chamber - All I Ever Wanted

Licorice Chamber - All I Ever Wanted

Seattle darkwave trio, Licorice Chamber, led by renowned goth chanteuse Layla Reyna (ex-Strap On Halo), have shared ‘All I Ever Wanted’ - the lead single from their forthcoming Sentience EP (coming 8 July) - while announcing a string of US West Coast tour dates for July 2024. Licorice Chamber are joined on their ‘Grey Skies Tour’ by Replicas (Takoma) and 2Libras (Seattle).

Since her debut solo outing as Licorice Chamber with The Taste of Falling EP (January 2022), Layla has now been joined in the band by bassist Joe Fox, and by former Strap On Halo bandmate Marc Jones, now on guitar. Licorice Chamber have been gigging extensively together around the Pacific Northwest since 2022, and are excited to embark on their first West Coast tour in July 2024.

The new Sentience EP is ushered in by its lead single, ‘All I Ever Wanted’: a song that Layla coyly describes as being “about desire”. Speaking about the EP, Licorice Chamber go on to say:

Layla: “We had about a dozen or so songs that we had initially intended to release as a full-length album. But time waits for no one, and we are extremely eager. These four songs came together so easily that we were able to add them to our set and record them rather effortlessly. The remaining songs are on hold till we return from our upcoming tour. The Sentience EP to me is both pain and pleasure, negative and positive, which my lyrics mirror within the human condition.”

Marc: “Working with Layla has always been easy. My personal challenge was transitioning from Strap On Halo’s bassist to Licorice Chamber’s guitarist. I still have a lot to learn, but I am involved with positive, motivated artists who appreciate my contributions.”

Joe: “All 4 songs of this EP regard the human experience, and the word “sentience” expresses this notion in a single, beautiful word.”

Asked what they are most looking forward to about the Grey Skies Tour with Replicas and 2Libras, the band added:

Joe: “The deeper connections we will make, new friends, and adventures we will surely have with these other two bands, whose members also double as our good friends. I am also looking forward to learning all that I can from the other bands. It is going to be a blast!”

Marc: “We got to know Replicas and 2Libras well outside of venues, and we enjoy their company. Besides performing, I am most looking forward to new friends we will meet along the way, and the bond with our tourmates traveling together in VanGo (our nickname for our van) who has been with us since the first Strap On Halo tour.”

Layla: “It was an obvious choice to tour with Replicas and2Libras. We are all from the greater Seattle area, and promoters kept putting us on the same bill. So, I decided to invite them both along to tour. Not only do I enjoy their music, but we are all quite good friends as well. I feel that this will just solidify the friendship we all have. One of my favorite things to do is perform and tour. What better way than by doing so with friends?”

Sentience by Licorice Chamber can be pre-ordered now from Bandcamp, featuring an immediate download of the new single ‘All I Ever Wanted’, with a full automatic download of the EP on 8 July. Physical orders will ship when the band return from touring.

Dates for the Grey Skies Tour with 2Libras and Replicas are listed below.

Grey Skies Tour 2Libras Replicas

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