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Save the Life of Pines and Firs! House Decorating Ideas

Christmas tree. Christmas fir. House decorating ideas


This article is devoted to New Year. This article is devoted to festive atmosphere. This article is devoted to everyone who is going to market today to buy a fir or a pine. What do I want to say with this article? DO NOT BUY CHRISTMAS TREES.

Let’s try to take a sober look at things together and figure out why you should not buy Christmas trees.


Support for poachers

Christmas tree poachers are people who destroy green spaces, they make in such a way that there are fewer trees every year. When you buy Christmas trees from such people (without special documents, who trade in illegal places), then with your love for New Year's traditions you contribute to cutting down pines and firs on an especially large scale. But you probably already know without this article that trees have an enough long growth period.

Lumberjack is cutting a fir


Legal markets

Of course, if you choose between two evils, then legal markets are the lesser evil. They sell trees that are grown in nurseries. But is it worth it? You follow an ancient ritual, so you feel the real holiday atmosphere. People have done this for hundreds of years. It’s excellent. And is not it time to change traditions? It's not always worth blindly repeating what your parents did. Remember your childhood. What strange advice were you given? Returned home - look in the mirror. You cannot whistle in the house, otherwise there will be no money. You can't leave a hat on the table, otherwise your head will hurt… Not the smartest advice, to put it mildly. The same people believed that a Christmas tree should be in the house on December 31. I'm not judging the previous generation. I'm just trying to show that the argument My parents did this way is completely unconvincing.

New Year's pines and spruce in the trash


How it all started

The tradition of celebrating Christmas with a Christmas tree (according to one version) came from Medieval Germany. But then people were much more humane (this is a joke). They came to the forest and decorated the tree with various rags and candles. But every year humanity becomes dumber and becomes lazier (with all due respect to humanity, this is a reality). So, subsequent generations have already lost the desire to walk into the forest, it turned out that it is much easier to put a Christmas tree at home.

Christmas. Old photo

In pre-revolutionary Russia there was such a custom to decorate a Christmas tree and arrange a children's holiday. However, this fun was expensive and inaccessible for ordinary children. Since the late 1920s in Russia, the Christmas tree has been banned and called "bourgeois", "priest" and anti-Soviet. In 1935, the USSR decided to return to the celebration of the Christmas tree, making it not Christmas, but New Year's.


Artificial fir is not an option

What are artificial Christmas trees made of? In this case, we are not talking about the creative findings of designers and cooks, but about a standard artificial Christmas tree. They are made of plastic. So, this alternative is not very environmental. But there are interesting findings. And just below you can see some unusual examples. Perhaps someone will think that a live tree is more pleasing to the eyes, it smells like a forest, and so on. But don't be self-deceptive. This fir or pine is NOT alive. Why do you need a holiday that is built on violence? Let's accustom ourselves and our children to peace in all understandings of the word.


New traditions

If earlier in your family it was considered normal to put a Christmas tree in an apartment, then why can't you radically change everything now? Let’s create new traditions with the children. Connect your imagination, teach your kids to create and think outside the box. Engaging in creativity with the whole family is much better than arguing with relatives about broken Christmas tree decorations and plunging fir or pine into a bucket of sand. Here are several pictures for inspiration.

Christmas tree made of food

Christmas tree made on the wall

Christmas tree made of books

Christmas tree made on the wall

And another custom that deserves to become an annual family tradition. Why don't you get together with the whole family, and, as opposed to the old New Year's ritual, buy a seedling of any tree (not necessarily coniferous) and plant it in a park, in a summer cottage area, or just in a forest. Find out how and when it is better to do it and go.

You can not only destroy this world, but also make it beautiful.

pines in snow

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