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The best New Year’s gifts

New Year’s gifts. The list of the best gifts for New Year

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In childhood, the phrase "winter fairy tale" was associated with something magical and mysterious. Winter was a real fairy tale for us. Shiny blinding snow, sledges, Christmas tree, New Year cartoons and films, New Year’s gifts ... But later everything lost its mystery and became something commonplace. Annual preparation for the holidays, the search for gifts have become something commonplace for us, something that should be. Nowadays, on the eve of the holidays, the question appeared what to give for New Year?


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And of course, on the Internet you will find a lot of articles with such a heading, but following the links, their contents will hardly please you. There are socks or a smartphone, a hot air balloon ride or a box of chocolates, a cup or a candle. The imagination of modern copywriters is sure rather weak. But you should not despair, we have prepared for you an interesting and, what is important, a unique list of New Year's gifts, which will surely make your life easier.
So, let's start with the budget.

What to give for the New Year if there is no money. No money at all

В таком случае подарите свое внимание, заботу и... проявите немного фантазии.

In this case give your attention, care and … show a little imagination. Do you want to arrange a real fairy tale for your girlfriend or boyfriend, but you have no money? A vivid feeling of a fairy-tale world, a sense of a real holiday: all this will be given to you by the place where you will celebrate New Year! Create a dreamlike atmosphere at home or work with inexpensive accessories.

 Festive new year decorations

So, let's figure out together with you how to decorate the desired location for New Year?

To make the room comfortable, consider your personal preferences when you choose a decor. This piece of advice is universal absolutely and does not aspire to be original, but do not neglect it.

Choose jewelry in the same style.

Use one, maximum two colors. This rule does apply not only to graphic design, but also to interior design. Make sure your jewelry fits into the interior.

If the house has bright colors, then we decorate it with trinkets of neutral shades. The same rule can act exactly the opposite.

Decorate the Christmas tree with sweets: chocolates and biscuits and treat them to guests.

Let your imagination run wild. And if you have a child, make your own jewelry with him. Everyone loved to do New Year’s hand-made when he or she was a child, so do not deprive your kids of this pleasure.

Leave notes-wishes on the Christmas tree for the next year. So, every guest entering the flat will be able to take off a wish or a prediction for the next year. It will be very emotional.

The ideas of original and creative gifts

Besides holiday décor of the room, do not forget tomake a selection of New Year’s films and songs. It will also help to create the dreamlike atmosphere. And then give your loved person a gift. Because of the lack of finance, you can, for example, give a gift certificate for any services that you personally undertake to provide. It could be a massage, preparation of a romantic dinner, washing-up and something more creative. Let your imagination run wild. Such a romantic gift will not leave your soul mate without vivid emotions!

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What to give for New Year, if there is money

In this case there will be much more gift options. Next, without further ado, we will list different ideas for a New Year's gift.



It is again, but this time expensive professionals will provide services.

It can be:

  • certificate for flight by plane / hot air balloon
  • certificate for foreign language courses
  • annual subscription to the gym / swimming-pool / dance / yoga / concert hall etc.


Book a photo session in a professional studio or outside. An excellent pastime and then there will be something to remember. The main thing is to study the portfolio of all available photographers in advance and choose the best one. Do not hesitate to find out all the details of the photo session.


Recording a song in studio

Recording a song in studio

You should get an agreement on desired composition with a studio in advance so that the sound engineer picks up the “minus”. A specialist will instruct and show you how to work with a microphone. After this, you as a performer will begin recording. Then after mixing and mastering you will get the finished track in electronic form. The original gift for New Year is ready!


Musical evening for a pair

Order musicians and arrange a personal concert for yourself and your loved person. A concert can take place both in a concert hall and in a restaurant or at your house. No one will expect such an exclusive gift from you.


Material gifts

Material gifts. The best New Year’s gifts

In the case of material gifts, it is quite difficult to remain original. Certainly, the most popular gift is a smartphone, and on New Year’s Eve all stores will arrange different promotions of the latest brands of fashionable phones for buyers.

a bonsai ordered
If you want to surprise with the unusualness of your gift, you should think about purchasingany kind of rarities. Here you needto take the hobbies of your loved person into account. It can be an old coin, a book purchased from a second-hand bookstore, a bonsai ordered from abroad etc.


Fruit bouquet

Look at how beautiful this fruity ensemble looks.

Fruit bouquet. New Year’s gifts. The list of the best gifts for New Year


Board games

Board games. The best New Year’s gifts

Such a gift can be put under the Christmas tree not only for a child, but also for an adult.

Board games are entertainment, learning and laughter packed in a small colorful box. A simple dice roll turns the game into a strategy or lessons for acquiring life experience and the necessary social skills. It gives the young children the opportunity to develop and improve themselves in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, and it gives invaluable hours of fun and friendly communication to adults. And what is important it promotes the development of memory and logic.

Most board games are based on luck, strategy, knowledge or a combination of these three things. They can be educational and entertaining, designed for different age groups, for one player or for a whole group.


Musical instrument

Musical instrument. The list of the best gifts for New Year

If you have bought a musical instrument for your dear person, it will for sure contribute to mastering this instrument. Such a gift will be very useful, because music lessons train memory and thinking, develop self-discipline, improve motor skills and reaction, help to overcome psychological barriers. Playing music is a nice, laborious – but a pleasant way of knowing, improving and educating oneself. So, figure out which musical instrument will suit your friend or relative. It can be quite an inexpensive gift: ukulele, harmonica, melodic, block flutes, kalimba(mbira). We advise you to find out in advance which instrument your dear person prefers or which instrument he or she has always dreamed of learning to play and hurry to the music store.

This list can be continued on and on, but you have already grasped the main idea. We have no doubt that your gift will become an achieving of dream for someone. When will our dreams come true, if not on New Year’s Eve?

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