How to make investments in Ukraine: choosing investment instruments

investments in Ukraine

Newcomers, who enter the world market with their capital in pocket, want to multiply their contribution by 2-3 times in a year. In fact, a high return on Ukraine investment is only possible in the long term If you don’t have financial knowledge, take special courses on investing or entrust your savings to experts, who will form an optimal investment portfolio.

Perhaps, a bank deposit is one of the most protected investment instruments, because the state guarantees the payment of the deposit in the event of bankruptcy of a financial institution.

For beginners who open a deposit for a significant period, it is better to choose a tariff with capitalization. This means that the accrued interest will join the body of the contribution, increasing the base for calculating income.

Federal loan bonds, payments on which are guaranteed by the state. They are recognized as a low-risk asset. By purchasing such an instrument at a set price, the investor seems to be lending to state-owned enterprises. After a certain period, the issuer returns the money to the lender and pays interest for their use. The yield on bonds is low - 5-6% per annum. Another way to generate additional income on bonds is to sell at the time of a favorable market situation.

Stocks are considered a risky investment because it is not known whether the corporation will be profitable. Types of stock returns are divided into dividends and exchange rate differences from selling at a higher rate. Unfortunately, the exchange rate and dividend yields of such securities are taxed. Want to avoid paying income tax? Then invest through an individual investment account.

A novice investor doesn’t need to learn financial literacy to manage free funds. It is enough to entrust the money to qualified specialists from, who will select profitable investment instruments. In this case, not only stocks, bonds, but also an operating business will be considered.

Ukraine investment recommendations

Novice investors need to follow these tips:

  • set a loss limit and follow it when managing your portfolio;
  • diversify risks by investing in various securities of different issuers;
  • don’t trust the tricks of dishonest management companies and venture capital funds promising to increase profits by 200% within a year;
  • always stick to the chosen strategy, don’t behave impulsively;
  • rebalance your portfolio.

Thus, you can start investing in Ukraine even without special knowledge in this area, the main thing is to find a reliable company.

How to start investing Ukraine with

First, you should conclude an agreement with this company. Specialists will start working on your order. They will form an investment portfolio, as well as select the most favorable conditions for the client. The company guarantees a high return on investment in Ukraine.

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